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Greatland Nigeria’s statue of freedom berths in Badagary

In a bid to give tourism a new meaning, Greatland Nigeria is set to rebrand its facilities in Badagary land into a new status with an erection of world class 120ft statue called ‘Mother of Freedom’ to be unveiled soon.

The Greatland Nigeria, owners of Greatland Tourist Center situated on Iworo seaside, Olorunda Iworo local council development area has been in the forefront of promoting African art and culture through the Greatland initiatives that includes resorts, tourists’ monuments and artifacts of Nigeria heritage in a massive site adjacent The Whispering Palms beach, Iworo, Badagary, Lagos.

Sir Andrew Okokhere, founder and CEO of Greatland Nigeria Tourist site while on work tour to the site with journalists disclosed that the essence of the initiative is to create a point of return of Americans who were formally Africans sold into slavery to come back home to Africa and connect with their root.

According to him, the statue will be a point of unity among nations and people of all colours in the world. ‘This statue will always remind us of freedom in the world and the unity of human beings around the world.

It is our belief that the statue will be honoured by all people and all nations who are seeking to be connected to their root and embrace their heritage in the continent of Africa,” Okokhere said.

Earlier before the tour to the site, an interaction with the Oniworo of Iworo Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Oladele Idris Kosoko; the Ogundeyi II of Iworo dynasty was an incisive one.

The monarch revealed some historical facts about the Iworo land and its connection as an exit point of most of slaves captured and transported to America within western region by sea and indicates that this should be recognised as an important tourist site.

The Oba stressed that culture and heritage of the people should be preserved through documentations for posterity, emphasizing that the initiative is one that should attract tourists to the land.

“The significance of this heritage site at Iworo community alongside the seaside “Mother of Freedom” monument will always remain an important heritage site for cultural studies and research. Even some of the ‘slave chains’ used to bind captured slaves for export is in our community museum as a relic,” Oba Kosoko added.

Besides these facts, the community noted for its cultural endowment has other historic sites like the stagnant pond called, “Omi Idaji” known for its spiritual connection of healing the sick and a source of protection for the community among others.

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