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Gowon Underestimated Ojukwu and Biafra- Ndigbo


A former Minister of Health who is also a member of the Ime-obi (inner caucus) of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof. ABC Nwosu, on Friday, criticised the statement made by a former military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, that the leader of the defunct Biafra, the late Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, underestimated him by thinking that he (Gowon) would never go to war.

Gowon, said this at the Diamond Jubilee Lecture of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria in Lagos on Thursday.

According to Gowon, Ojukwu, who was the then Premier of the Eastern Region, had thought his (Gowon’s) ‘born-again’ Christian lifestyle would allow the region to secede from Nigeria without consequences.

“During the crisis, my colleague and brother, Emeka Ojukwu, said, ‘We know Gen. Gowon, he is a Christian and he would not like to fight. Do you know the first thing he put in his suitcase? His Bible; and that will make him not to engage in a fight’. I think, unfortunately, he was proved wrong,” Gowon had said.

Reacting to Gowon’s statement, Nwosu said the former military head of state’s comments as “ungentlemanly”, and anti-Igbo.

Nwosu stated that Gowon underrated Ojukwu’s ability to resist the federal troops for a long period of time.

He maintained that Gowon’s comments did not correspond with the accounts of other major actors in the events that precipitated the Civil War:

“I wish to express my growing concern over attempts to demonise Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, who died more than three years ago.

“These posthumous comments on Ojukwu are at best ungentlemanly and anti-Igbo. Ndigbo don’t speak of the dead flippantly.

“The latest comment by General Yakubu Gowon, which was published on May 15, 2015 – this statement that Ojukwu never imagined that he would go to war because he was a born-again Christian is appalling and naive.

“Did the General not also underestimate Ojukwu and Biafra? The book by General Alabi-Isama tells a different story.”

“Ndigbo worldwide share this my concern because earlier, General Gowon has given his opinion on the Aburi Accord, which differs completely with the opinion of Ndigbo and Ojukwu on the same Aburi Accord.

“There are always two sides to a story and fairness demands that the two sides should always be weighed side by side,” he said.

Nwosu advised Gowon and others, who played key roles during the period, to let the sleeping dog lie by avoiding comments on the Civil War.

He pointed out that Igbos still had bad memories from the period, which he described as an era of massacres.


  1. vincentumenyiora vincentumenyiora August 6, 2015

    Whatever you people have to say now and I consider all it rhetoric, if Ojukwu decided on the advice given to him to find marching armory to challeng his opponent like France offered and China did same (Prof. Chike Obi) even Russia and we know the reasons, we shall not still be arguing about Biafra or no Biafra! Preblem then was that you people were all young people under 35 year olds consequently you did not know what it takes to go to the kind of war we had – Britain did not like the idea of Biafra pulling out of Nigeria you could deduce this when they urged CHIEF A. ENAHORO TO GO TO USSR then TO SOLICIT FOR ARMS THAT OJUKWU WAS TO BE PAID OVER 11$D ON ACCOUNT BY BP Shell! The war is long over and we still have problems in Nigeria – I have in the circumstances provided viable solutions to help all the composite groups – at least you’re using the ‘Option A-4 and the recording format for results both are lifted from my bo”ok – Nigeria – survival or disintegration!” What I am saying is to: Leave all that complaining behind us as too much water has gone under the bridge, study my ‘New solutions’ which include how to curb corruption in Nigeria and how to determin Assets of every public office holder – it is all there in my publication! The problem about Nigeria I have discovered is: Who do you tell and he/ she is ready to act early, folks! Nigeria – TAKU! ALLAH KA TAMAKE MU AGELI NIJERIA, I KEEP SAYING IT, FOLKS!

  2. wilson peter adamu mohammed wilson peter adamu mohammed October 26, 2015

    I am happy that the world is seeing and hearing all that the cow gowon is saying. repeating the pridenes of his atrocities against the igbos. But every igbo man knows that gowon is not in any way proving himself as a unity fighter based on his comments rather he is telling us how much he hate igbos and how regrettable he is feels for not eliminating all igbos. However ,for me all these statements would only tell igbos that there is no other way than biafra
    And for any igbo man who is not for biafra will be seen as sabo. All gowon is saying is that the igbos are weaker than a sick woman but if igbos want to free from this shameful comments levelled on them they should over come fear and United ask for the secession from Nigeria
    therefore establish the state of biafra. Countries have done this before biafra is not the first and I,m sure they will not be forbidden by the International community for determining their own future. Some igbo men hoping to be given little chance to become Nigeria president should know they can let you be there today and tomorrow they impeach you or plan and form a collection to defeat you just as they did to Gej. So the biggest mistake any igbo man will do is to give up the desire for biafra at the expense of becoming the Nigeria president. What out that this doesn’t happen

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