Governorship aspirant slams Ajimobi for budgeting N15 billion for his office

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A governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Oyo State, Mr. Seyi Makinde, has condemned what he described as the outrageous amount budgeted for the office of Governor Abiola Ajimobi of the state in the 2018 budget and passed by the State Assembly.

Makinde also condemned the governor for allocating less than three percent, two percent and one percent of the budget for agriculture, health and education respectively while, according to him, a whopping 12% was allocated for the office of the governor, positing that Governor Ajimobi is not concerned about the welfare of Oyo State citizens.

“Allocating a whopping N15b or 12 percent of the budget to the office of the governor over and above the health and education sectors which received 2 percent and 1 percent respectively, is a disastrous misplacement of priority at a time when both sectors are in urgent need of attention.

“Stock-piling the office of the governor with N15b for projects which will obviously be contracted out, while agriculture, health and education sectors suffer is a sad reminder that the out-going administration does not care about the welfare of our people and confirms its reputation as a government of contractors,” Makinde said.

He further lamented that with the budget which has just been passed; the rate of unemployment in the state would drastically increase. He also said that with the governor allocating a meagre amount to agriculture, the state would likely experience a decrease in food production.

According to him, “Allocating less than 3 percent of the N271.7b budget for agriculture, which employs over two-thirds of the population will ensure that unemployment level rises amidst the constant attacks by Fulani herdsmen leading to the dislocation of farmers from their farms and the spiraling costs of food items.”

Makinde advised residents of Oyo State to prepare themselves for a tough 2018 as a result of the unfriendly policies of the Ajimobi-led administration and because the budget is not inclusive and its implementation will not be welfare enhancing.

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