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Governor Orji and haters of Abia

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State is an enigma, no matter what the likes of Ferdinand Ekeoma, Ebere Wabara and co. are writing in praise of Alex Otti, the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). Ferdinand Ekeoma lied in an article titled ‘Otti and Misplaced Aggression of Abia Oppressors’ published on page 20 of a national daily (not Daily Times) of March 3, 2015.
Just a fortnight, from the propaganda mill, traducers like these persons circulated an story that Governor Orji was pelted and booed at the burial of pioneer Catholic Bishop of Aba, late Bishop Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia; a story that the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa, had condemned in its entirety.
In his rebuttal, titled, “Gov Orji not Booed at Bishop Ezeonyia’s Burial in Aba” Ajunwa said Abia State Government has described as false and misleading the report that Theodore Orji was booed and pelted with sachet water at the burial of late Bishop Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia. Ajunwa added that the Sun newspaper report and the pictures therein never happened.
Shedding light to what happened at the venue; “the environment at the CKC, Aba venue of the funeral mass for was calm when Governor Orji arrived at 10 am with his wife and other government officials, Ajunwa said. On arrival, the Governor and his delegation moved straight into the cathedral without any incident. No time the governor was booed or jeered at, not talking of pelting him with satchet water.
From the above, we can see those who are the real haters of our state. They are the hack writers who sit in the comfort of their rented hotel rooms to dish out malicious stories that never happened. However, there will never be a comparison between Governor Orji and Otti, because ‘Ochendo’ as he is fondly called, is in class of his own. It was Governor Orji who awakened the political consciousness of our people, and not whoever. He was the man who destroyed godfatherism in the state and has vowed against its resurgence. His records in the issue of governance speak for him. Ndi-Abia extol him anywhere he went. The governor took the Abia project as that of the people and has done creditably well in governance.
It is as a result of this foresightedness that power must shift to the Ukwa/Ngwa area that Abia people have vowed that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be re-elected in the 2015 elections. And the person to be elected is no other than Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (PhD), who has been tested and trusted. From all walks of life, not only are the people supporting Ikpeazu, they are volunteering to make sure he is elected. Millions of our people are in this business, no matter what the persons like Ekeoma and Wabara are writing against the government of Abia State.
Ekeoma lied in an article where he said, “The latest desperate but uncivilised acts of violence is the threatening of traders with seizure of their shops should they fail to vote for Orji’s candidate, while tricyclists and commercial bus drivers with Dr. Otti’s posters and stickers are beaten up and forced to remove them. One is then forced to ask, why have these Abia oppressors failed to channel this misplaced aggression against the many bad roads and collapsed infrastructure scattered all over Abia?
Why have they not deployed their destructive energy in rendering quality leadership to Abians? Why have they not put half of the present anti Otti effort in the payment of workers’ salaries? The reason is simple, they are the enemies of Abia, they are the slave masters, they are afraid of change.”
It is the duty of the people to sieve the chaff from the wheat. If the governor were desperate like Otti, he would not have given any of the gubernatorial candidates a level ground to campaign. In a nutshell, Governor Orji will not stop to crusade about the change he has started in Abia State. He would not go back, no matter how many million rented writers are lying against him.

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