Government Of Lies —

Government Of Lies


Buhari’s government has become government of lies by liars to perpetuate lies. Propaganda, lies and killings have become the order of the day. They lie over things they should not lie about. They lie not only to the citizens but also to themselves. They have blurred the line between truth and lies.


They will want to force citizens to accept their lies as the truth and those who refuse are verbally attacked and cyber bullied.
Last week was one of such week for me. I am not a stranger to the numerous attacks by pro government citizens who have decided that their focus would be on attacking citizens who dare to speak against the government rather than on ensuring the government does what it can do to make them proud.

I am quite used to them and their infantile and pitiful tactics. Many of them have since realised that their insults mean nothing to me. It is like water off a duck’s back but there are some who rant and rave daily at me. I have always been one who take insults and compliments the same way. They are people’s opinion of me and not my reality. If I do not get offended when people compliment me then I have no business getting offended when they insult me. What is most important to me is what I think of myself.

Am I happy with who I am? When I am alone with my thoughts, am I at peace with my inner self? When I stare at myself in the mirror, is the person staring at me someone I wish to be? These are more important to me than the compliments or insults from people. Many of those who insulted me during the last administration now compliment me while many of those who paid me compliments last administration now insult me. When another administration comes, many will again shift ground. My main focus always is never to let the compliments get to my head or the insults to my heart.
Being bashed and threatened has become a norm for me. As long as it is for speaking the truth and standing for justice I am good with that.
Last week I received death threats and there was also an online petition calling for my arrest. Of all the myriad of problems plaguing Nigeria, some people found Aisha Yesufu as one of the problems they needed to have a petition started for her arrest.
It all started with an attack on passengers on the last train to Kaduna from Abuja who had taken the road leading off to Mando from the train station. The Minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi had taken that same route and had to beat a retreat with his convoy all scattered and everyone running for their lives. This was witnessed by many but yet the Minister chose to deny this. He claimed he was not aware of the incidence until when he spoke to his wife and she informed him of the incidence after midnight. According to the Minister, he disembarked from the train and went straight to his car where he was conveyed to his hotel. After which he took a nap and went to a party.

In a tweet, the Personal Assistant to the President on New Media said he travelled with Amaechi to Kaduna on that train and that they were still at the train station when they received calls about the attack. Same incidence, two different government officials with two different account of what happened. To what end are all these lies? With the Minister witnessing such attack one will think that the President will get first hand account of what citizens are going through but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Denial has become the stock in trade of this administration. I have watched in amusement as the denial has gone from there was no attack to there was an attack after the Minister left. I watched a video going viral of one of the people at the train station who said there was an attack but the Minister had long gone. The young man claimed they were at the station when a hilux van came running back from the road leading off to Mando and there were gunshots. Later in that interview he would state that Amaechi’s convoy was led by two hilux vans in front and behind.

In an attempt to discredit what happened they are further authenticating it. The report of the death of Amaechi’s Chief Security Officer in Kaduna has made many people wag their tongues and make different insinuations. This is what happens when lies and propaganda become the order of the day. When there is no transparency all sorts of conspiracy theories thrive.

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