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Go trendy with scarfs

In Nigeria, the head tie is popularly known to the Yoruba tribe as ‘Gele’. The Igbo and Yoruba tribes value this head wrap as it makes the traditional attire complete.

This piece of clothing can be a simple scarf, bandana, or a turban. It’s from a fabric specifically for that purpose to make it stand out with different styling methods. We can see women who wear it at home, in the market place, occasions, religious places, and so on.

For the Igbos the Gele is usually worn over George wrappers and puffy blouses with different cuts and styles. Furthermore, the Gele has become a statement piece of fashion for a complete outfit.

It’s said that in today’s fashion world, there are numerous developments from the old ways of rocking scarfs and head ties. It can be worn on any type of outfit not just natives anymore. We have different types of head ties worn by the Nigerian women nowadays.

We have the Casual Gele: This types comes in different forms, it can be of the same fabric being worn or a shawl made of cotton put just across the head with some designs or accessories on the fabric.
Aso-Oke also known as the custom made Gele which are used for special occasions like weddings, chieftaincy title celebrations and so on. It can be made with different colour patterns, it also has a shawl that drapes over the shoulder or tied around the waist line. This piece is worn with the Iro and buba.


The couture Gele is made for the fashionista who know how to combine this head tie which casual looks to look chick and radiant. It can come in form of a turban, there’s the grand swiss, Hayes Gele or silver jubilee.





By: Oluwatope Opeyemi

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