Gloria Bamiloye advises ladies not to marry lazy men

Gloria Bamiloye advice's ladies not to marry lazy men

Gloria Olusola Bamiloye  Nigerian dramatist, film actress, producer and director, co-founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, advice’s ladies not to get married to a lazy man even tho he is serving in the ministry full time.

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This advice came about whe she was explaining the rudiments and critarial to a happy home/marriage,Dailytimes gathered.

After everything concerning the proposal is finalized and settled from both sides, the next thing is courtship.

Courthip is a period a rekationship is developed between copules especially with the view of marriage.

It is a time to prepare for the journey, the discover the purpose of coming together and the time to know your partner, to know yourself as well.

Its a time for more indepth understanding about yourself and this is majorly because you will begin to hear from your partner some traits you were not awear of about yourself as you relate with one another.

Dont marry a lazy brother even if he is serving God in ministry full time.

It is not an excuse for him to be working around aimlessly doing nothing, some brothers claim to be in God’s service but they are not stable because they lack vision.

They are not committed to any vision but can tell the story of all ministers of God in town who have made it in their ministries.Instead of digging there land of possession(vision), all what they do is to keep dreaming and been in the same spot.

Its dangerous marrying such a person, he is not known for anything,he is a jack of all trade master of nothing.

You have to be very careful before you commit yourself to such a visionless man.

He will waste your life and your future because he does not know where he is going.

My parents didnt want me to marry my husband because he had no secular job that can bring in steady income, but i knew he was very busy and committed to his vision.

I saw a man who doesn’t play with his work in the ministry very focused and determined to become what God said he will become in his life and ministry.

If he was not on a ministerial field working, he will be at home studying the word and praying or writing scripts.

He was busy digging the vision and he eventual hit the gold.

Love is not blind as they say and so courtship is the time to open both your spiritual and spiritual eyes to know if God has made your journey Prosperous, it is time to check if the person you want to marry is intrested in your calling and vision.

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Whe the servant of Abraham got to the family of Rebbeca and everything was setteled, he asked them to release the lady for him so he could be on his way back.

The parents where reluctant that fast unless the lady was ready.

She was ready to go because she belived the choice of God for her life without seeing the man.

God had prepared Rebbeca and she was willing to follow.

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