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Ghana chase Nigerians following reprisal attack on citizen’s death

The long lasting peace and neighborly relationship between two Anglophone West African countries, Ghana and Nigeria has been challenged as crisis brews between citizens of the two countries in Ghana.

A recent video trending in social media depicts Ghanaians chasing Nigerians from their country in reprisal attack.

The clash which has been tagged xenophobic in many quarters, has seen Ghanaians pitching against Nigerian sin their country, demanding for mass exodus of citizens of their long standing neighbours from Africa’s most populated country.

Agency reports, revealed that the crisis which stated in Sowutoum area of Ghana, is gradually spreading to other parts of the country, even as the Ghanaian security forces have enhancing effort to avoid escalation of the conflict.

This report was coming as cross section of Nigerians reacting to the development said that Ghanaians are too civilized to unleash xenophobic attack against Nigerians in their country, similar to what happened in South Africa in recent times.

The ongoing crisis between Nigerians and Ghanaians in Sowutoum area of Ghana, according to reports, break out, following allegation that a Nigerian killed a Ghanaian during a fight.

The report alleged that the crisis has led to the death of five Nigerians in Ghana in a reprisal attacks by Ghanaians.

The crisis started after Ghana police reportedly arrested a Nigerian man, 48-year-old Thompson Peter, who insisted he killed the Ghanaian man in self defence during the fight.

It was reported that the Ghanaian man’s death has reportedly led to reprisal attacks against Nigerians living in Ghana, with five persons killed.

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