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How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds [6 Easy Steps]

Have you ever met an amazing girl, beautiful, funny, intelligent, and doesn’t seem to be out-of-her-mind crazy? Obviously you want her to be into you, too. Nothing’s worse than getting shoved into the friend zone or getting so nervous to impress that you scare her away indefinitely.  

To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are seven surefire ways to make a good impression:

1. Haircut:

How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds

One of the most irritating haircut by most Nigerian guys is ‘old skul’. Don’t misquote me, there is
nothing bad with it if it perfectly fits your head shape, stature, and some other things like if you have a clean face. But imagine a hefty guy, with pimples, and all that keeping this kinda haircut, no matter how neat you are, it will portray you otherwise.

A real life example is of a bald guy I saw trying hard to keep oldskul.. Like TF?

Bald guys usually look good on skin
Square faced dudes are good with low-cut
And like that, every guy should know what’s best for him

Mature girls like neat and good-looking guys. This is one of the things they look out for in guys.

2. Dress sense: 
How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds
mature girls don’t want you to have a wardrobe as rich as hushpuppy’s, NO! Even if it’s just 3 clothes combinations you have, make sure you know your way around. Don’t wear native to a Monday date, don’t use a stripe tie on a striped or multi-patterned shirt……

3. Are you yourself? 
How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds
A total turnoff for mature girls is you trying to be what you are not. If you don’t have one naira, don’t claim to be yusuf buhari…. Don’t rent cars to impress her on dates. How long are you gonna do these for? Someday she is gonna realise and she is gonna dump your fake ass.

4. Be busy:
How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds
She doesn’t care what you do as long as something keeps you busy. She doesn’t need you to be the managing director in shell or first bank, NO.

She needs you to be intelligent and busy, then she trusts whatever you are doing even if the return is low ATM.

Trust me, she doesn’t need a man to babysit neither does she wants a man who craves attention at every damn minute. Hint: Unavailability is a good spice.

5. Smell 
How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds
Imagine you wearing a multimillion naira worth of wears, shoes and blings…Fine, you killed it but how about the strong smell from your armpit and what have we. Men are wired to have strong body scents and when not properly checked, it becomes disgusting.

This applies to the mouth too. Every mouth stinks in the morning, it’s left for individual whether to let it stink through the day or not.

For those with persistent mouth odour/halitosis, a visit to a doc ain’t a bad idea after all…

Remember, always smell nice even in your private closet.

6. Loyalty:
How To Get A Decent Lady in 60 Seconds

The preceeding points are the pros of mature girls but this right here is the major con about them. Mature ladies are extremely jealous and territorial beings. They want their man loyal to them and them alone.

If you are dating one right now and know how to keep your blokos where it is, good for you….. Else, it can make you a victim of

-Arson (burn you or your important docs)
-voodoo affliction

You know the rest!

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