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Fuel tanker crushes car, kills driver in Owerrinta


An NNPC tanker with registration number XKN 222 SA, on Saturday, fell on top of a Mercedes Benz car with the driver trapped under it at Owerrinta, near the Nigeria Navy School of Finance and Logisticsi in Abia State.

But for the quick intervention of the commandant of the Nigeria Navy school, Capt Abdulahi Aminu, what could have been a major disaster at the base area was averted.

An eyewitness account disclosed that the tanker was fully loaded with 40,000 litres of petrol and was said to be coming from the Aba side of the road and heading towards Owerri, Imo state when it lost control and upturned in front of the naval base.

‘It fell on top of a blue Mercedes Benz car with the driver trapped under it with people shouting and trying to find a way to save the life of the trapped man and also avoid the truck being engulfed in fire”, the source said.

It took the intervention of Capt. Aminu who mobilized his men to ensure that the tanker was constantly sprayed with water from the naval base to avoid any fire incident.

Speaking on the incident, Capt. Aminu said when he got information about the ugly incident he immediately started making efforts to ensure that the people around the area were evacuated in case of fire incident.

“It was a huge tragedy and immediately I heard about the incident, I told my people to do everything possible to ensure the safety of lives and property of the people living around the area including our base”.

“I came down personally and was directing the affairs until the tow truck we engaged came to move the fallen truck out of the highway, as the entire road was completely blocked”.

“The man whose car the truck fell on was trapped and we were busy trying to save him, but unfortunately by the time the truck was lifted off the car the man was found dead”, he said, disclosing that that car has been removed from the highway while the body of the car driver has been deposited in a mortuary.

According to him, the police will make available the necessary information for relatives of the dead man to come forward to claim his body, and attributed their action as being part of the social responsibility of the navy wherever they found themselves.

“We are not only involved in our routine naval duties. We also ensure the security of life and property of people living around us.

“After removing of the vehicles which were blocking the road and disturbing the free flow of traffic, we also ensure the traffic moved so that motorists could go to their different destinations”, he concluded.

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