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FRSC: Driving license and substandard tyres

It is shocking that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), has mustered leadership idiocy by coming out with double driving license in Nigeria. According to news report, the new driving license will cost a N10,000 with the expiry date of five years; and will run parallel with the existing one with three years as expiry date. Which country in the world has double driving license? In fact, renewal of driving license should be abolished because education certificates are never renewed. This impunity in Nigeria must stop. It is naïve to threaten motorists to purchase brand new tyres which is not affordable by over 80 percent of motorists. Without tokunbo tyres many vehicles would have been grounded. Due to bad governance and lack of power supply,  tyre manufacturing companies relocated to Ghana.
Government should stop the brazen extortion in renewing driving license because it is much uncalled for. It is lamentable that the FRSC did not wean itself from the naïve and mischievous mindset that characterised its past leadership whose stock-in-trade had been to come with grotesque proposals and sneak into Aso Villa to crawl before the President Goodluck Jonathan to secure his blessings to go ahead.
Nigerians want the APC-led federal government to demonstrate a Spartan will to reinvent ideal governance by restructuring the country to reduce over-centralisation of MDAs. It is clear that there could not have been APC-federal government without the political sagacity and formidable financial war machine of Bola Tinubu in his avowal to reinvent the inviolate principles of federal system of government, which were brazenly truncated by the aberrant military regimes.
Inherent in the envisaged restructuring of the country is decentralisation of the MDAs with the review of the lopsided revenue allocation. Most of the federal laws that prohibit sub-national governments from exploring and exploiting the natural and mineral resources within their territory should be amended. The shenanigan of the minister of solid minerals in ‘advising’ state governments to exploit the mineral resources within their domain without first amending the federal laws is to maintain the covert agenda sequel to the feudalisation of the polity.
It is sad that former President Goodluck Jonathan dragged his feet when the time was auspicious to organise a Sovereign National Conference. However, the spectacular and auspicious event nevertheless took place in 2014 and the worthwhile and far-reaching recommendations remain a panacea and formidable milestone for the country to reinvent True Federalism.
The APC-led federal government must not be seen as a one-man show in which President Muhammadu Buhari will be acting as an autocrat and shun the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference which all Nigerians participated and agreed on.
It had dawned on Nigerians that the brazen and mindless violations by past military regimes of the scientific principles inherent governance like the principles under-girding federal or unitary systems of governments have disastrous and far-reaching consequences; and it was the violation of the principles that positioned Nigeria as an undeniably failed state.
For instance in terms of security of lives and property, the deliberate failure of the police and the army to disarm the supposed Fulani herdsmen along with their foreign allies has proven that Nigeria is a failed state. A situation where Buhari has clearly demonstrated nepotism [the worst form of corruption] by not commanding the army to flush out the gun-toting terrorists in the guise of herdsmen in Agatu, arresting the so-called ‘fake army’ that arrested villagers in Awgu Enugu state who were trying to rescue their women-folk kidnapped by the lecherous Fulani herdsmen and keeping mum on the atrocity at Uzouwani, Nsukka shows that there is no government in Nigeria.
The APC-led federal government should as a matter of national emergency put measures in place to restructure the country to maintain “One Nigeria”.  One of the first steps is to disband the FRSC and merge it with the police.
Let the FRSC prove that the cost of producing drivers’ license is more than N500.00, while vehicle number is more than N1,000. 00. What pushed the FRSC to introduce double drivers’ license other than the usual idiocy and naivety to leave the impression that it is creative to make quantum revenues for the federal government.
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo saw the crude mindset and leadership idiocy of the FRSC and on February,2000, merged it with the police. The FRSC should return to its glorious early days when its patrols, disciplined officials and volunteers reduced road carnage  through professionalism and zero tolerance for corruption and extortion…Enough is enough for monstrous waste in the name federal government while the reality on ground is a Unitary Government in Nigeria”.
Mr. Onwubiko is a public affairs analyst

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