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Foundation seeks peace, harmony in Nigeria, Africa


The Art of Living Foundation, at the weekend advised Nigerians and other African countries of the need to embrace peace and dialogue when there appears to be points of dispute, and not resort to violence and intimidation of perceived adversaries.

The group’s call was coming on the heels of incessant inter and intra-community violence across Nigeria today. The group also frowned at the spate of violence, corruption, racism, crime, nepotism, misunderstanding and lack of human values that have become the order of the day not only in Niger but in many parts of the world today, thereby calling for a phase of life from all peoples.

The foundation annual meeting in Lagos at the weekend where about 700, 000 people across the African continent and beyond at this year’s “I meditate for Africa” programme of the group. The foundation boasts its presence in about 152 countries of the world.

The group comprises of Nigerians and Africans from all walks of life as well as Indian community in the country.

This year’s event, titled “Immediate Africa for Peace,”  was facilitated by Messes Raghu Sharma, Tanmoy Sabud Mahak Kansal and Sachin Chansakar.

Moderator of the programme, Raghu Sharma, maintained that a focus on unity, harmony and building peace on a deeper level in Africa is no longer negotiable. He also said that researches and scientific proves in about 500 studies in more than 200 institutions of higher learning across the world including the Princeton and Harvard Universities that education is key to human development and improving quality of life for everyone and as such should be upheld by respective governments.

The Lagos event, marked with a life web cast from a renowned public speaker, Sri  Sri Ravi Shankar at a prison in Uganda, was watched all over the world including Nigeria. The foundation therefore urged Africans to keep meditating for a lasting peace in the continent.

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