Foundation partners Daily Times for First Nigerian Mushroom Festival

A non-governmental organisation, Mushrooms Development Foundation (MDF) has signed a partnership agreement with Folio Communications Plc, publishers of Daily Times of Nigeria to host the First Nigerian Mushrooms Festival in September this year. The event will take place in Lagos.

According a statement jointly signed by MDF and Folio Communications, the festival is aimed at creating awareness on the health benefits and business opportunities available in mushrooms farming.

“The festival, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria and the West African sub-region will focus on improving livelihoods through awareness and empowerment, both the nutritional and health benefits of Mushrooms.

Being a landless form of agriculture, mushrooms business therefore comes with low investment but high returns. A combination of the above factors makes the coming festival a ‘rain or shine event,’ the statement said.

While the President of MDF Chi Tola signed for the Foundation, the Managing Editor of Daily Times Newspaper, Bonaventure Melah signed on behalf of Folio Communications Plc.

“Mushrooms are good sources of three hardworking B-complex vitamins which are riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. They are all found in every cell in our body, helping to release energy from the fat, protein and carbohydrate in our food.

“In addition, Riboflavin promotes healthy skin and good vision. Niacin helps make sure the digestive and nervous systems function as they should.

Pantothenic acid is involved in the production of hormones and also plays an important role in the nervous system. Mushrooms are a particularly rich source of riboflavin. Vegetarians should also.

On their part, oysters are excellent complement to fish and chicken dishes. Sauté with garlic or onions to bring out flavor, combine with crimini or shiitakes, or roast, broil or grill them for variety.” the statement stated.

Continuing it said, “in September 2018, Lagos Nigeria will be filled with hundreds of mushroom lovers from around the country and beyond that are seeking that elusive delicacy-the marvelous morel.

For a few short days, everything will be all about mushrooms,” adding that about 80,000 people from Nigeria and outside the country are expected to participate at the event with First Lady, Aisha Buhari expected as Special Guest of Honour.

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