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Flight attendant job makes you to have many admirers, says Ejiogu

…Reiterates Commitment to Medical Tourism

Mrs. Glory Ejiogu is a career woman to the core. Her mannerism, outspokenness and logical reasoning makes one to know quickly that she has flown virtually to all parts of the world.This amiable lady happens to be one of the few African ladies that got employment with Emirates Airline as a stewardess when the international airline commenced flight operations to Nigerian routes many years ago. In a chat with EBERE CHIBUZOR, the former Stewardess says that flight attendant job is very challenging but can be managed effectively with professional ethics.

Working with a big airline can be very captivating especially when one has to fly round the world. Mrs. Glory Ejiogu was one of the few Nigerians who were given the opportunity to work as air stewardess in Emirates Airline. She grabbed the opportunity, utilized it and today; her wealth of experience is paying off.

She joined the airline in 1997 at about 26 years old and since then she has never regretted her foray into the aviation sector.

Speaking to Ebere Chibuzor, the ex-Emirate stewardess said that the job was the type of work that makes one to have a lot of admirers.

She however, pointed out that well trained stewardesses know how to manage the advances of men, adding that there are some excesses among the crew.

Ejiogu equally said that such admiration was not only limited to the crew but other professions such as bankers as well, saying that banks and every person in the advertisement and Public Relations jobs are channeled to that kind of situation too.

“I can tell you in my job many of us got married, perhaps within the first year, second year and third year as each desire”, she declared.

Refuting the claim in some quarters that air hostess don’t get married easily, Ejiogu said “I know generally they will tell you air hostess or stewardess don’t get married.

That their jobs are not suitable for marriage; that they have husbands and men in all the station they go to but that is just gross mis-conception. It is not true at all.

That one is trained to become a hostess does not change you from being a normal human being. It does not stop men who see you to admire you”.

She added “Yes, the job is sort that put one to have a lot of admirers but being whom you are, you will know how to manage the advances you have and there are some excesses among the crew.

It is however, not only the crew that are involved in such, bankers are the same and every person in the advertisement and Public Relations are channeled to that kind of situation too.

I can tell you, in my job, many of us got married may be within the first year, second year and third year as each desire”.

Mrs. Ejiogu who is a director at both AGE Facility Management and Clarion global Company emphasized that being a flight crew, she was a little bit excited and challenged in the sense that in the environment where she was working then, it was very few blacks had the opportunity and it was not easy for a young African girl to get that kind of job and also be able to stand her ground.

Speaking further, she said “it is a matter of what others will do with 50% but you have to put in about 200% to be recognized.

I am so exciting. It was breaking grounds for me and it was interesting too because it offers me the opportunity to travel all over the world.
And I believe I did make my mark as one of the best. I started working with them since 1997. I was about 26 years old then”.

Comparing the trade when she was with Emirates Airline and the present day flight attendants, Ejiogu said she believes generally the standard has fallen.

“Maybe because I was used to doing it better, but you find out in terms of courtesy and in the finance, they used to put into the jobs, you don’t see it these days and I want to say sincerely that airlines like Emirate have managed to keep the standard”.

Narrating her experience, she said she was not married until the later part of her flying job days. “Actually I quit flying about a year after I got married”, she said.

On Emirate Airline, Ejiogu said “I hope many people think I am bias but I am not. Sincerely speaking, apart from working I have flown as a passenger for almost all the week for other airlines and I think Emirate is still the best.

I still fly Emirate, I think they will recognize me; at least give me some fish and prawn. I am happy that the airline is doing well in this country and all other West Africa countries”, she added.

She further said that flying job is a kind of job you knowing that there are limited by time.

“It is not that kind of job you can afford to say you are doing late. The aircraft and the flight cannot wait for you. It is not a job you come late and say that there is traffic”, she said.

“You cannot make excuses. You must be there on time. Even on the services, everything you do is timed because you need to get yourselves sorted before it is time for the flight to touch down. It is the kind of job that puts you on very tight schedule and then teaches you discipline

On Nigeria’s tourism, Mrs. Ejiogu said there is need for Nigeria to patronize her domestic tourism instead of rushing out to go to other countries.

“When we talk of tourism, it will be more from outside the country to Nigeria but a lot of Nigerians are looking for places to go. When we talk about tourism it is not necessary the site seeing and shopping, there are also medical and religious tourism.

Know that I am not in the support that Nigerians have to live the country and go into another country as tourists.”

Speaking further, Ejiogu disclosed that her company is already in partnership with some groups so as to harness inherent gains in medical tourism.

According to her, a closer look and development of our medical services will no doubt stop most Nigerians from running to overseas for medical tourism.

“There is need for the hospitals to be well equipped beyond necessary facilities. By so doing, they will be turned into the state of art quality and most Nigerians will stop running to abroad”

“So we are trying to put together a program that will be able to showcase Nigeria internationally and people will begin to be attracted to Nigeria while they will equally start trooping to some places of interest”.

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