Flavour not Dating Anna Banner or Sandra Okagbue


If you follow the life of talented singer, Flavour, you would have to agree that he is one of the most confused celebrity bachelors in Nigeria. He apparently was in a love triangle between two ex beauty queens, Anna banner and Sandra Okagbue who has a child for him.  The two of them have been battling to win his love  and oppressing each other with pictures of each of them with Flavour but neither of the have been able to hit the jackpot- get the ring.

Before now, Anna Banner took to social media to gush about her love for him and how much he inspires her. He never affirmed or debunked a relationship with Anna Banner.  A recent picture of him kissing his babymama, Sandra Okagbue emerged with people with lots of rumours springing that he secretly proposed to her. Sorry to shock you but that didn’t happen. In a recent interview with city people, Flavour has set the record straight by saying he is still single and SEARCHING; that he is not ready for anything serious;

“Yes though I have a baby mama, I am still single and searching. Not that I wouldn’t want to get married one day, I will definitely get married but I don’t have the time to settle down for marriage now. I am all over the place pursuing my career. I will want to give my family attention and the best when I finally decide to settle down as my parents gave me. My family raised me up by monitoring my activities so I will like to do same for my family. But that is not my priority now because I need more time to plan for that and I need to pursue my career first

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