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Despite being a polygamist, KSA satisfies all his wives – Hon. Risikat Adegeye

Hon. Risikat Adejoke Adegeye is one of the wives of popular musician, and Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade. She was a member of the State House of Assembly after which she got an appointment as a Commissioner of the newly constituted Lagos State Assembly Commission. In this interview with Abimbola Obatayo, she talks about her love life with her husband and issues surrounding her job, her aspirations and other issues. Excerpts: 

Tell us about your career?
I’m Risikat Adejoke Adegeye, I was born and bred in Lagos. I am a politician, mother and wife. I was once a House of Assembly member in 2007/2011. I am presently at the House of Assembly Service Commission.

Why politics?
I was born and bred in politics; my late mother was a politician and since my youth, I determined to be a politician; and God gave me the grace to be a politician that people would know worldwide. What’s your view on the current economic situation? People are complaining; things have gone wrong for long and there is an adage that says: Rome was not built in a day. If a place is destroyed a new foundation is needed to rebuild the house, it would take time. I just want to appeal to people that all these challenges we are encountering now is just for good.

As a female politician, have you ever been looked down upon when airing your views in any political meeting?
Nobody has ever looked down on me; while I was at the assembly, female members don’t act like one because we have 35 males and just fve ladies. Right from the entrance of the gate, we turn ourselves to men because what a man can do, a woman can do better as well.

What higher position are you aspiring to in politics?
My intention is to become Amuwo Odofn local government chairman and I believe I will be there by God’s grace and I’m going to soar higher than that; but I don’t count my eggs before it is hatched. I always commit all I want to do into God’s hand because He is the only one that can see tomorrow.

You are a commissioner in the newly constituted Lagos State Assembly Commission, what are your roles and functions?
We are to disengage, engage, discipline and we are career managers. We have four Commissioners and a chairman, and we manage all the staff of the assembly including our staff in the Commission.

How many terms did you serve in the House of the Assembly and what was your impact there?
Whoever goes to the assembly for the frst time will be under tutelage for two years. Someone like me loves to learn and after two years, the person will understand what it takes to be a lawmaker. So the frst two years is just as if one is a baby who wants to learn, but others may feel they know better. You were learning in the frst two years, so what were you able to able to come up with in the remaining two years? I came out to support some of the laws that were passed.

What impact does King Sunny Ade have in your political life?
That’s my husband, my darling; whenever his name is mentioned, I am always happy. He is a man of honour, a kind man and he is a father that always gives support to the wife and children. He gave me a very good support; he made me what I am today.

In what sense?
To become an honourable member is not an easy task. About 14 of us came out in 2007 while I was the only one that was chosen, by God’s grace through my husband’s name and the God sent, that is my political father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. So I want to say wholeheartedly that my husband is a very supportive husband. He is not just a husband to me, but also a father, brother because whatever I want to do in life, I must tell him. Since I became a politician, he supported me from the onset.

How did you meet?
That was from God because we had a tenant then and this gentleman came to our house, and I was around. I was so happy when I met him. We spoke, and he came with an elderly man who asked him if he likes me and the man told my mother that Sunday is interested in marrying her daughter and I was also eager and that was how the love story started.

What really attracted him to you?
I love him as a person, as well as his music. You got attracted to him despite knowing that he is married, why is that? I just like him and was determined to marry him as if God has told me that the future will be ok.

So how has life been with him?
It has been very comfortable, he is a man that one can relate with, very quiet in nature, very helpful human being, and very lovely and caring husband.

How do you feel as the wife of a popular musician?
I always feel proud. I want to tell you, worldwide when anybody hears that name, especially in America or London, they love his music over there. Whenever anyone asks for my name, I just tell them that I am King Sunny Ade’s wife and they exclaim “wow” I know him. I always feel very happy. There is no regret in my marriage.

What lesson did you learn from KSA?
I learnt a lot from him. He is a very humble human being and he is also very quiet and focused. If you are quiet and focused in life, there is no way you will not get your target; you will defnitely make it in life.

How will you describe your love life with KSA?
The love I and my husband play, most young couples don’t do such because he is a caring man. Apart from being a polygamist, he is trying.

I still collect my want me there, defnitely, I’ll be there. What’s your social life like?
I am a socialite. If there is any function, I am ready to go there, except if I am not around or I’m at work or not in the country.

How do you relax?
I relax anytime I close from work, I go home to sleep. If there’s nothing to be done anywhere, I just relax at home. I go to bed on time and make sure I have seven hours sound sleep everyday.

As the wife of KSA, we all know he dances and sings as well, do you have any of this?
KSA’S own is a gift from God and also part of his work, something he has been doing for donkey years. And I dance very well, I love music and dancing is also an exercise.

Since you can sing, have you thought about singing with him someday?
I will do it someday. His 70th birthday is around the corner and I want to mimic him that day. I already told him that he is going to give me few minutes on that day and I will dress and sing like him.

As a mother, politician and wife, how do you combine all together?
I don’t think it disturbs. Being a mother does not stop me from working and moreover, politics is not an everyday thing. We don’t go for meetings everyday and we don’t go to chamber everyday. Moreso, I don’t have a baby, my last child is 30 years old.

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