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First Bank Promotes 3000 Staff Despite Recession

First Bank of Nigeria Limited has promoted over 3000 of its workforce in its recent promotion exercise targeted at rewarding staff for strong performance in driving the Bank’s business. The Bank in recognition of the hard work and contributions of staff rolled out unprecedented promotions across board, moving up over 3000 staff members in spite of the difficult economic downturn and challenging operating environment.

In the bid to constantly improve employee welfare, career development and progress, FirstBank continuously develops its staff and invests in its talent pool. This year’s promotions was targeted more towards lower and middle management cadres within the Bank in recognition of their pivotal role in customer service delivery and the Bank’s transformational programme. The performance review is an annual exercise in the Bank tailored to recognize and reward members of staff who have excelled as well as disengage members of staff who performed poorly in the last financial year.

According to Adesola Adeduntan, MD/CEO, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, “With the 2017 promotions, the Bank has delivered on its commitment to always reward staff performance and build a motivated workforce. Our priority as an institution is to empower and build the capacity of our people as they are our best assets. Our people are also our surest path to achieving our strategic goals and accelerating business performance across all key business indices”.

The Management of First Bank of Nigeria Limited remains committed to building an institution that will always put its stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, communities, institutions and businesses – at the heart of the business. Recently the Bank unveiled new employment models – FirstBank Management Associate Programme (FMAP) as well as the Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) – as part of efforts to build the next set of leadership. With the new model, staff can now benefit from accelerated career progression, whilst also building leadership capabilities at an early stage of their career.

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    Congratulations to those who got their promotions. Unfortunately however, the MD was deliberately silent on the fact that, this is the first promotion exercise in the Bank for the past three years.
    He is also provocatively silent on the over 286 other staff he has sent out of the Bank by terminating their appointments in one swoop, with payment of only one month salary in lieu of notice. Both letters of promotion and the sack letters were released simultaneously and so one wonders why the MD/CEO chosed to blow a loud trumpet on one and left out the other.
    I gave the Bank my youthful age and strength, serving for 18 years only for me to be served with a LETTER OF TERMINATION on Monday 14th August, 2017 on the ground that MY SERVICES ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED. The letter went further to state that I will be paid my salary up to the date of the letter (11/8/2017) and one month basic salary in lieu of notice. What a callous management? As if that is not enough, the letter states further that I will be advised of my indebtedness to the Bank for me to pay. And I understand this includes the rent arrears that was given to me in January, which I paid to my landlord. I don’t know if they actually expects my to go and ask the landlord to return it for me to return to them. I am not sure if they really carried the legal dept where I spent over 12 years in their decision. If they did, then they would have known that they are jokers.
    As I resume in private practice next week, I am waiting for them. I wish you would publish this comment
    The management is also practicing discriminatory policies. Recently, some management staff who were laidoff were paid one year entitlements while the middle management is being laid off without pay. This is modern day slavery and we will resist it with the last drop of our blood!

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