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fire 3 ministers, reduce Fashola’s burden,Agoro Tells Buhari

Almost a year and six months into the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the government is yet to achieve much according to Nigerians – Some citizens are currently calling for the sacking of ministers and cabinet members because of perceived inefficiencies – A presidential candidate, Olapade Agoro, has mentioned the three ministers that should be immediately be sent packing If President Muhammadu Buhari must spend the remaining part of his four-year mandate on a positive note, then some of his cabinet members must be shown the way out. Apart from this, he must reshuffle the cabinet in such a way that he would not overburden some of the ministers while others have less jobs to do. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Olapade Agoro says Adeosun, Audu Ogbeh and Onu should be sacked Olapade Agoro, the presidential candidate and founder of the National Action Council (NAC), Dr Olapade Agoro, in an interview with Daily Independent, mentioned some of the ministers that should be sacked.

Nigerian governors so lazy they can’t even handle their families’ The three major ministers include Kemi Adeosun, the finance minister, who he called a child, Audu Ogbeh, the agriculture minister, and Ogbonnaya Onu, the science and technology minister. Some Nigerians have been asking that the president should reshuffle his cabinet with the argument that the government had not met the expectations of the people. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Kemi Adeosun, finance minister Agoro said: “The president should reshuffle his cabinet. I am sorry for Buhari. He was overburdened. “Ogbonnaya Onu should be given his retirement benefits and told to go and rest. “Audu Ogbeh is my friend. He said he has found $5 billion cassava market for Nigeria while he couldn’t even get N100, 000. These are politicians. Unfortunately, Buhari packaged them as ministers.

Sale of national assets: Bishop David Oyedepo advises FG “How can Babatunde Fashola head three key ministries? Is he a god? How can you have one man oversee three ministries when he is struggling to oversee one? “Power, Works and Housing; Works is enough to take two ministers and now all the roads are gone.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Minister of power, housing and works, Babatunde Fashola Agoro said though Fashola is competent, his assignment should be scaled down so that he would be given one ministry to supervise. “Kemi Adeosun is unfit for the ministry of Finance. She is too young and inexperienced to man the ministry. Governor Ibikunle Amosun brought her into government.

Catholic Bishop warns on the future of Nigeria “She was going from Abeokuta to Abuja to collect money and finding ways on how to spend it for the government. “In Ogun, Adeosun was working with Amosun, a chartered accountant but now, she is working with a soldier. Buhari’s way of doing things is military-like. When he gives orders, he expects it to be obeyed without complaint,” Agoro said. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Minister of science and technology , Dr Ogbonnaya Onu The presidential candidate lamented that Buhari does o’t understand the nitty-gritty of finance and that instead of getting an expert, he was given “a child to manage a ministry as important as Finance. Buhari was saying something; the lady went abroad saying another thing. “So, it is case of the cart now pulling the horse. She can be given another ministry. “We need a trusted hand, a good finance manager like Anthony Ani. Why don’t we look for a manager who is an expert to manage our finance? Definitely, we don’t have that in the team now.”

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