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Filmmaker Daniel Cole speaks on coming projects

Nigerian filmmaker and entertainment consultant, Chiori Daniel Cole have revealed some of the project he has embarked on since the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic across the country.

Speaking during a chat, Daniel that although the new normal now has affected some of his supposed forthcoming projects; hence the need to look into other direction as an entertainment figure.

He said ‘At some point in our lives we tend to face a common thing which is “CHANGE” and that is what the pandemic has brought about. We need to understand that in every situation we find ourselves as humans we are always ready to adapt and change to that which life has brought to us.

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Speaking on the ripple effect of the pandemic, he further states that the pandemic is something that has destroyed businesses, restructure businesses, rekindled relationships and also destroyed relationships. We have no choice right now than to adapt to the ongoing transmission we’re currently facing.

He said ‘At some point I had to stop production of one of my new project “The Oldest Bridesmaid” which was supposed to the released in cinemas as scheduled for 2020; but since the cinema business is also affected at the moment, there is need to go online for the release of my forthcoming project

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