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Femi Babalola Declares his Candidacy

By: Isaac Oguntoye

Businessman and philanthropist, Femi Babalola has declared his intention to contest the 2019 Nigerian Presidential election, saying governance in the country needs creative and fresh ideas to deliver the country from it’s current woes.

Babalola in a statement from his Media Officer Mercy Ayo-Oloye said it’s time for Nigerians to come together and rescue the Country from professional looters who had been ruling the country.
Babalola noted that challenges facing the country are not rocket science but lack of sincere political will has  kept the country in bad shape.

Unveiling his agenda, Babalola said he will create jobs through… and fight proverty to make life meaningful for majority of the populace. ‘My focus is to create more than 10 million jobs opportunities to reduce unemployment in Nigeria to less than 5% in the next four years.  Provision of constant Power Supply through advanced and green technology will lay the foundation for an Industrial Revolution, to turn Nigeria to a 21st Century Industrial powerhouse.’

He said Nigeria needs a better sustainable and secured  environment to utilised their potentials for communal development, saying government must embrace the 21st century  socio-economic and political pattern for youth development in the country.

Babalola is the CEO of Abiye World S. S. L , Oil and Gas-Eur-Afrimpex Nigeria Limited and  founder of the Femi Babalola Skills and Acquisition Foundation which has empower thousand of Nigerians. Babalola aspired to be a presidential candidate in 2011 and also of Kowa Party in 2015 primary election.

His ceaseless zeal for a better Nigeria prompted his coming back as a Presidential aspirant to contest this coming 2019 general election under a new political movement.

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