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Female passengers: Emirates to resume Tunis flights

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) said on Thursday it would resume flights to Tunisia after an exchange of security information, resolving a row over a ban on female Tunisian passengers.

The UAE angered Tunisia by banning Tunisian women from its passenger flights in December.

December 26th 2017, The Tunisia suspended UAE flight to the country, the transport ministry then said that the suspension would remain in effect until the airline “finds a suitable solution to operate its flights in accordance with laws and international agreements.”

Tunisian state media reported that a task force had been set up in Tunisia’s consulate in Dubai and the UAE’s Northern Emirates to monitor the situation of Tunisian expatriates seeking to depart from Dubai airport.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, had first suggested on Sunday that the airline’s initial decision to temporarily ban female passengers from boarding Emirates flights was a security measure.

He wrote on Twitter that “security information” had led to “limited and circumstantial measures” that were communicated to the Tunisian government.

“We respect Tunisian women, value their pioneering experience and consider them a safety valve,” Gargash wrote. “Together, let’s avoid attempts of misinterpretation.”

Tunis later said the UAE was acting on intelligence that female jihadists returning from Iraq or Syria could try to use Tunisian passports to stage attacks. Tunisia then suspended flights from Dubai carrier Emirates to Tunis on Dec. 24.

According to agency report, a statement by the foreign ministry on state news agency WAM on resumption of the Tunis flights ,said the decision was taken in light of extensive cooperation and information received from the Tunisian side that eased the national carriers’ concerns.

“In light of preventing dangers and threats that should be avoided to the largest degree, and in light of an extensive security dialogue and information received from the Tunisian side, the concerned authorities in the UAE have decided to return to normal procedures before the extraordinary circumstance,” the statement said.

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