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Fela Kuti inspired Water by TTY Noni

Artistes In Nigeria, like in most places around the world has gotten their inspiration from some notable music genius, probably from their nation or in diaspora.
In the case of the new trending national anthem in town, entitled “Water” by Adebisi Adebayo, popularly known with the stage name Tty Noni, was a fusion of Dancehall spiced with Afrobeat to boost the rhythms, with or without knowledge in the entertainment industry, if you listen attentively to the lyrical song arrangement and the modernized Afro beat, it is notable with no doubt how blessed memory Fela Anikulakpo Kuti has impacted the world with his music genres.

Water as we all know is a natural necessity worldwide, subsequently it should be sufficient for everyone on earth to consume, the Nigerian artiste based in Italy has released hits upon hits in the past years, TTY Noni was born in Nigerian, to start his musical career some few years ago, and to the glory of God, he has many singles to his credit.

His song titled “Ebenebe” catapulted him to stardom in Nigeria after gaining grounds in Europe, thanks to his various approach to music and style.

He is a prolific song writer and an entertainer. He has performed alongside notable shakers and movers of the music industry in Nigeria.

His genre cuts across all divides – and his first blast was “amore mio” an admixture of his mother tongue and inherited language, Italian. He did not leave any stone unturned in his lyrics and beat – and thankfully to his commitment – the song has made him a darling to many.

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