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FEC approves 30 years master plan for National Infrastructural Integrated programme

President Gooluck Jonathan, on Thursday in Abuja announced that the Federal Executive Council, has approved a thirty year master plan for National infrastructural integrated programme, to ensure the rapid growth of all the economic sectors and ready made job for the teeming Nigerian youths.
The programme plan which is to generate about 1million jobs for Nigerians, was announced by the Vice-President Architect Namadi Sambo, who represented Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in the occasion of official ground breaking ceremony of the provision of engineering infrastructure under the FCT land Swap initiative.
the president, disclosed that this masters plan if well executed, will affect all sectors of the economy and will as much provide a long term developmental initiative to all the sectors with maximum percentage of  attention by the Federal Government. this he said will be carried out according to sectoral priorities.
speaking on the FCT land swap initiative, he said that the project, is such a loadable one that will see for a rapid urban and city developmental  programme. “this is actually a unique programme which is created for an initiative better known as ‘land swap initiative’, to attract investors to complement the  Abuja master plan which already being overwhelmed by population growth.
according to Mr. President, the city which is the fastest growing city in Africa, was originally accommodating about 3.2 mil;lion people but as of today, is talking of over population of 5million people and have not yet stopped growing of which the city by the year 202020 should be talking of accommodating about 10million people.
“it is on this view that the capita city of Nigeria, needed urgent expansion and has to provided a growth primary infrastructure ready for its population explosion. and this loadable policy means much to Government of this country and more especially the present administration. this means that FCT Government is at work and is in line with transformation agenda of Mr. President. it means that when the project starts, that the FCT can possibly provide 500 new jobs to teeming Nigerian youths trooping into the capital city”
Mr. president during the occasion, highlighted on his administration’s ability to revamp several sectors of the economy counting from the changes on the road infrastructure, rail transports, educational sector among others. he said that. he said that the FCT administration, has actually done well with this initiative to key into the programme.  
Earlier speaking during his welcome speech, the Minister of the FCT Seneator Bala Mohammed, said that with the programme initiative, that his administration has the hope to increase the Abuja infrastructure stock by more than 27 per cent as the 15 land swap investors are providing a total of 464 kilometers of new roads, seven bridges, 696km of street lighting lines and 334km of telecommunication ducks. other components according to the Minister include 2,566km of electricity distribution lines, 646km of water distribution lines, 626km of foul water drains, 672km of storm water drains and 226 culverts.
he said that the land swap initiative entails the grant of land in a green field area to competent developers for real property development, in exchange, the developers are to provide specific infrastructure in these districts including the responsible for resettlement and compensation of  affected original inhabitants.
Senaor Bala Mohammed, also disclosed that a comprehensive development of  already under listed two sectors centres by the developers is to cost $6 billion which comprises infrastructure investment amounting to $2.4billion and secondary investment in residential, commercial, multi-pupose, institutional and active recreation development to the tune of $3,6billion. he said that this amount includes the sum of  over #4billion so far expended by the investors to produce the necessary critical documentation for the district, that is the survey data, the detailed land use plans, the final measuring and evaluation.
“we intend to bring a permanent solution to the issue of resettlement and compensation of Abuja original inhabitants. The investors are committing the sum of #64billion for the funding of infrastructure and housing for the project affected persons at Gude resettlement district, have already commenced” with the injection of $6billion of investment, the huge benefits accrued to Nigeria and the FCT in particular,cannot be overemphasized”
Further speaking, he said that the land swap initiative if well executed, will create over 25,000 plots of land, provides housing for more than one million residents and create over 500,000 new jobs. in addition he said that the programme will provide further strengthen the financial capacity of both the public sector and local investors with the Federal Government generating not less than $120million as payment for valued added tax.
he however, assured the Federal Government and indeed the FCT original inhabitants his administration, has already put in place a sound legal and institutional safeguards for the successful delivery of this initiative. Both the investors and the Federal Capital Development authority FCDA are fully committed to the adequate implementation and supervision of the project.
dignitaries who attend the ground breaking ceremony, in unisim, applauded the initiative, which was saidto be the kind of its urban and city developmental programme, these include the Senator representing the FCT, senator philip Tenimu, Aduda, the deputy  vice-chairman, House committee on FCT  Honourable Ralph Igbokwe, Hon. minister of trade and investment Mr. olusegun aganga and the host of others.
about fifteen investors has so far registered with the FCT to commences the land swap programmes. these include urban shelter infrastructure limited, system property developers company limited, afri-international projects limited, BGD properties limited. others are Gilmor engineering company limited and AM-PM global network limited.
in the list also include Dangote group, ketti east infrastructure limited Bolmus Nigeria limited, deep earth Nigeria limited and Day-spring limited. 
Haitong limited, rose-hill group and waru-pozema district infrastructure limited also made the list of companies, ready for business.

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