Fayemi: Why female President cannot emerge in Nigeria now

Mrs Bisi Fayemi

Mrs Bisi Fayemi, the wife of Ekiti State Governor, has stated that a female president might not emerge in Nigeria anytime soon due to the country’s hostile political environment.

Mrs Fayemi, on the other hand, stated that the country is ready for a female President due to the vast women resources available, but that the operational framework could prevent this from happening right now.

Mrs Fayemi spoke in Ado Ekiti on Friday at an event organized by the “Above Whispers Media Foundation” in partnership with the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) to promote the first public book reading of her new book, “Where Is Your Wrapper?” to commemorate World Book Day 2021.

Mrs Fayemi cautioned that the phenomenon should not be misinterpreted as a call to fight for women blindly, saying that she would only protect and encourage women who value integrity, self-respect, and honesty.

“Nigeria is ready for a female president, but we won’t get one anytime soon because those in positions of authority and leadership have a way of holding the female gender out of power,” she said.

“We are proud that we have women like Okonjo Iweala, the Director General of the World Trade Organization, and others who are faces of respect for women, despite this treatment.

“So, theoretically, we’re prepared. We have people with experience and education, but we need to put in place a framework that allows them to reach their full potential in the political arena,” she said.

Mrs Fayemi said feminism is gradually gaining ground in Nigeria owing to widespread belief that “women should have rights, should not be battered, should have education, should be economically self dependent and it is important for them to be protected.

“We must confront those issues that tend to undermine women. Women are entitled to live decent lives and that is why the government of Governor Kayode Fayemi is displaying that political will to support us to defend the female gender against abuses.

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“In my own understanding of feminism, I can defend women who are being battered by their husbands, women who are well mannered, but I can’t defend those who are ill-mannered and rude. What I am fighting for is for them to achieve their full potentials.

“I decided to be a feminist and defender of human rights because I was lucky to have married to someone who is a governor and has executive powers. We believe that we can use the political will and instrument of democracy to change our perspective about some things concerning women emancipation.”

She urged ANA and those who perceive themselves as writers to encourage and mentor young people into writing, saying creative writing in most cases starts at tender ages through parents’ conscious efforts on children.

“My father mentored me on how to be self confident even in the midst of men. I appeal to fathers to always show love to their daughters and encourage them to face arduous tasks with an inspirational word that they can do anything.”

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