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Of Fashola, Buhari and cluelessness

There was nothing more dangerous than people convinced of their own good intentions (Laura Lippman)

The election of Buhari as president might have been the best thing that happened to Nigeria. It might be a blessing in disguise! Why? Due to the low oil price, we can see how clueless the president is. Due to the low oil price, we can see that the president cannot run Nigeria. If oil price was about $100 per barrel, Buhari would have been covering his incompetence by sharing and spreading the oil money around, thereby hoodwinking gullible Nigerians that he has been doing his best in moving Nigeria forward. Unfortunately, things did not work out this time around, and everybody is getting the real picture).
The low oil price has exposed the true nature of the Nigerian ruling class. If oil were selling at $100 per barrel, Nigerians would not have known that Buhari is one of the clueless leaders ever. He would have used the oil money to cover his illiteracy, inferiority complex and cluelessness). That is why Buhari keeps on complaining of not knowing why he should take over now when oil price is very low. This man cannot rule, as he does not know what to do, and still, he does not want others to tell him what to do, due to his stubbornness and feeling of inadequacy.
Although oil price is low, that’s not President Buhari’s only problem! He has failed to utilise the expertise of his appointees. As Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the former finance minister, once said that Obasanjo also experienced a low oil price, but still, his government did not stall, because, he trusted the expertise of those he appointed.
The low oil price has brought out the true nature of things in Nigeria. It is either we diversify the economy or Nigeria will come to a grinding halt; due to incompetence. At this point in his administration, either he implements the report of the constitutional conference, or, Nigeria will break up. Suffice to say that the low oil price and the election of Buhari are blessings in disguise, as these might lead to the making or marring of Nigeria.
During the last presidential election campaign, we warned against electing Buhari. Barely a year after Buhari’s election, the country is on the verge of collapse, as pain, sufferings, killing and maiming of Nigerians are the only trademarks the present administration can boast of.
Hope for Nigeria wrote that a UK Study described Buhari as Africa’s most incompetent, unserious and clueless leader, because, his “victory in the opinion and expectation of majority of Nigerians and African was seen as an opportunity for a total transformation of Africa’s sleeping giant, but the events in the past 11 months have shown otherwise. A study by Nigerian Governance Watch, a United Kingdom (UK) based Nigerian Professionals group, revealed that President Buhari is beret of idea to manage, have no focus, unstable and extremely incompetent in every sphere to shape the affairs of Nigeria.
Buhari cannot get anything right while Nigerians, and especially, those who fronted for him during the campaign, are disappointed with his performance so far. However, that is not what is of concern to Buhari.All he cares since he got to power is how to amass the wealth he did not acquire the first time he was the head of state.
The president has become everything, while his ministers have become  inconsequential. Until now, most Nigerians have not seen or heard from many ministers, and nobody knows what they are doing.
Remember that Buhari sees ministers as “noise makers”, and for him, he has no major role for “noise makers.” Some of them will have their personal and professional integrities destroyed, if they stay and serve out this clueless administration. This president has put them in limbo, as he has turned them into professional Lilliputians.
The above point has made some of the ministers to forget what their role should be. An example was the report credited to the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, who was quoted by the Punch, on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, as having said that “President Muhammadu Buhari has continued his foreign trips in a bid to repair Nigeria’s reputation which was severely damaged by the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan”.
Who told Fashola that? First, this explanation was not supposed to come from the Minister of Power, Works and Housing but from the Minister of Information.
Fashola, who is now under performing as Power Minister, was the same person who criticised President Jonathan’s government in 2014, saying “any serious government would fix the power supply problem within six months“. Now, the ball is in Fashola’s court and he cannot perform.

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  1. Lateef Kadiku Lateef Kadiku June 26, 2016

    I have never seen a writer as shameless, clueless and senseless to the public as chima Ubochi!!!!!!! Your articles consistently make no sense, find another career for the sake of public interest.

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