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Fashion guide for the season

The rainy season is here again and so begins every commuter’s worst nightmare. The flooding, crowded bus-stops and endless traffic are just some of the things we loathe about the rainy season. Plus, as every self-respecting fashionista knows, the rains can really cramp a girl’s style and out goes the funky hairdos and light-colored clothes that are prone to mud stains and in comes the dark, dreary colours. From torrential downpours to light drizzles, instead of letting the wet weather put a damper on your day, these rainy day fashion essentials will get you through these blustery storms. The rain can destroy in seconds your long hours wait at the salon.

Braids: Braids are more fashionable and you can choose from any array, from million braids to big braids or dreadlock. Aside the fact that braids last long rain does not destroy your braids. And if you decided to keep it for long period, all you need to do, is to visit your saloon often. You may wonder why braids! Think about when the rain wet your hair, you can easily dry your braids and dreadlock and you can rock it as long as you want, compare to weavons.

Leather jacket: Leather jacket does not absorb water, water falls off it easily so you are good to go in it girl! In place of your suede jacket you can go for leather jacket, it also keeps you warm. You can go trendy with your leather jacket throughout the day without feeling cold, and it is easy to dry.

Jelly shoes and bags: This is the best time to rock your jelly bags and shoes, there are so many fashionable jelly bags now in different boutiques. Jelly shoes are not left out, jelly shoes does not only comes in pump shoes, sandals, stilettoes that can suite your corporate and informal outfits. There are so many colorful ones in shops, go get yourself one for this season and use them to replace your suede shoes.

Stylish rain boot and coat: You can have a stylish rain boot designed in rubber. Since boots are a little bit higher than shoes your feet are well protected from the dirty rainy water you have to walk in to get to your office. Also your rain coat will protect you and your bag from the rain, as it will cover you from up, down to your knee.

Get a pair of three quarter: The three quarters is better for the season in replace of your trousers. Think about some muddy roads you have to pass through every day before getting to your place of work. You will not like to look dirty before getting to work, because we have so many bus drivers or some private cars drivers that don’t mind splashing water on your body. But with your three quart you can still wash your leg off if you come across those drivers on your way to work.

Shower cap and collapsed umbrella: Shower cap is the cheapest among all. As a lady, you most at least have one shower cap in your bag, in order to protect your hair from getting wet. If you don’t like it, then get a small size collapsed umbrella at the market, just to keep you dry throughout the whole day.

Get flirty with scarves: Rainy days can be cold, so why not steal some warmth from scarves? Chase away the gloom and cold of a rainy day by throwing a bright thick coloured scarf around your neck for that European umber chic look.

Say no to suede: Suede clothing are not water friendly, so as much as possible avoid wearing them this season, save them for another season as water makes it fade easily.

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