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Fans react to Bobrisky having menstrual pain

By: Mutiat Alli

Nigerian internet personality, cross dresser and male Barbie Idris Okuneye better known as Bobrisky is all out get his fans talking.

Known for creating attention, he recently took to his instagram page to reveal to fans why he has not been sleeping well in recent times. Bobrisky disclosed that he has started experiencing some female monthly problems which is depriving him of enough sleep.

The cross dresser has come out to reveal that he has started his monthly menstrual flow and now experiences serious cramps.

His post reads: “I can’t sleep I have menstrual pain.” That was not all; the young man also seized the opportunity to share some cute pictures ahead of his birthday.

In a swift line, fans took out time to react to his post and here are some of the funny reactions from his over 535,000 followers. ‘Brobstar wrote ‘You are sick, how can a man have menstrual pain? Putting on make-up and wigs doesn’t automatically mean you have a uterus and ovaries. No surgery in the world can change that.   Official Solence wrote ‘Mental Health needs to be taken serious in this country

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