Facebook, Twitter, Youtube take down Dr. Stella Immanuel’s video on Covid-19

God has called me to give life to a terrified world- Dr Stella Immanuel

Social media companies have blocked the viral video made by Dr Stella Immanuel, an American based Nigerian doctor about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, as a cure for COVID-19.

President Donald Trump had shared a slew of social media posts on Monda, July 27, containing a wildly misleading video about the coronavirus, prompting Facebook, Google, and Twitter  to remove the Trump-amplified misinformation but not until it had been viewed tens of millions of times.

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 The video appears to have been spawned by a Trumpy group called the Tea Party Patriots and was then pushed by the far-right site Breitbart early on Monday, an American newspaper reports.

Facebook was the first company to take down the video claiming to be from “America’s Frontline Doctors,” a group that was conjured in the past two weeks.

 The video shows a handful of people in white lab coats that say they are doctors holding a press conference in front of the Supreme Court.

“The clip focused on the testimony of a woman named Stella Immanuel, who received a medical license in Texas last November, according to state records,” the Washington Post reports.

 “Immanuel says she previously worked as a doctor in Nigeria and also calls herself a ‘Deliverance Minister’ who is ‘God’s battle axe and weapon of war.’

She has given sermons attacking progressive values and promoting conspiracy theories including, in her words, ‘the gay agenda, secular humanism, Illuminati and the demonic new world order.’

 Another doctor shown in the video, a noted Trump supporter, called Immanuel a ‘warrior.’ ” In the video, Immanuel claims: “You don’t need a mask,” “we don’t need to be locked down,” and “there is a cure for COVID.”

 Trump shared the video on his Facebook page Monday. By the time the company had removed it at 9:30 p.m. Monday, it had been viewed 14 million times.

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