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Ezeagu Tourist Complex maintains cave, waterfall status

Ezeagu tourist complex, located in Enugu part of Igbo land, South east Nigeria, is very unique in the ecosystem of the area. This is is especially so because, it combines the status of a cave and a waterfall.

With the cheerful and friendly tour guards at the complex entrance, visitors are guaranteed good and timely services.

But there is much more to savour at the complex, as the tour guards are ever ready to offer splendour and affordable services to ensure tourists’ safety and comfort. This makes Ezeagu complex, which is about a half hour drive from bustling city of state, tourists’ haven.

However, the complex inhabits natural wonders of nature like a lake, a cave and a waterfall; also surrounded by variant vegetation, These natural habitation makes it unique and the complex is located at the south central pan of the state.

With the size of about 22 hectares, the cave has several tunnels branching out in different directions.

However, with various natural endowments and human resources, which include lakes, hills, beaches, waterfalls, spring and other, Nigeria as a country is blessed.

Enugu, fondly called the ‘Coal City’, with interesting sites that attract tourists is situated at the eastern region of Nigeria.


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