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Eyola Exercise Intelligently

1.   Get the most of out your workout routine by following some of my simple tips to help you burn more calories and feel great during and after each workout.

2.    You’ll lose more weight working outdoors than you would indoors. By pushing against the wind and gaining more momentum jumping on the grass, you will most likely burn more calories. It’s also a good way to get fresh air and connect with nature.

3.    Thirty minutes before you begin your exercise routine, apply firming or anti-cellutlie cream (in a circular motion) on your body. This helps to improve blood circulation and burn calories faster.

4.     Always stretch before (to warm up) and after (to cool down) each workout, keeping still and holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds. By doing so, you’ll reduce the likelihood of cramps and injury whilst working out. Stretching will also keep your muscles long and lean.

5.    A small dose of caffeine before you workout has numerous benefits including less pain, improved circulation, more muscle fuel, increased metabolism and an overall better performance when you exercise. However, be aware that a large intake of caffeine over the long haul might lead to muscle spasms, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia and stomach ulcers.

6.     Choosing the wrong music when you workout can decrease your motivation, increase fatigue and boredom or make you give up altogether. So make sure that you curate the best workout playlist that will keep you moving.

7.     Spend at least fifteen minutes after each workout laying down flat on the floor, keeping your mind and body absolutely still. This meditative practice will help to increase muscle memory and it will also help to relieve stress from the body and mind.

9.      Have at least 8 hours of quality sleep the evening of your workout for the body to recover and detoxify as well as renew and repair cells, muscles and body tissue.

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