Executive lies


I have turned this in my mind for the last six months: to write or not to write. Now I have decided to write because the brazen lies spewed by the South West APC governors against me on the eve of the 2014 National Conference have refused to die a natural death.
The latest of such keeping alive of the Goebbelian legacy is a recent piece by an elder from Ekiti, Chief Deji Fasuan still lamenting that the false hope deliberately created by the former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi that he was a delegate to the conference was dashed. From a perspective of the uninformed, the Chief cast aspersions on several people who had nothing to do with the humiliating experience of having been announced as a delegate by Fayemi but unable to take a seat at the confab.
There were people in his category who managed to get to the conference fortuitously and found it difficult to greet some of us for a while until they were able to know the truth. One of the people sold the lie that I stopped him from being a delegate is my good friend, Prince Oyewole Oyewumi. He saw me sometime after the conference and jokingly accused me of removing his name as a delegate to the conference. Perhaps the most dramatic was my encounter with Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye at the 70th birthday party of Chief Onikepo Akande last November.
The elderly man called me aside in the hall and said: “o se jamba fun mi” (you did me a grievous harm). I had palpitation! However, I managed to ask the former Senator “when and how sir?” He bent towards me in his majestic height and explained that he was told that when his name was included among delegates to the conference I was the person who objected. I was relieved knowing that it was the same lie being bandied by the APC governors. I took my time to explain what happened to him and he was satisfied. I thanked him for being a true elder.
Now, the whole story of what happened that turned governors to liars. When President Good-luck Jonathan announced the decision to convene a confab in 2013, the APC leader, Senator Bola Tinubu emerging from an aircraft dismissed the idea as a “distraction” and his governors chorused “yes sir”. The leader of his allies in the civil society, Mr Femi Falana echoed that it was a “Greek gift”. They were shocked to realise the minority they were in Yoruba thought when all those who mattered signed up for the conference. Shortly before the train took off, the APC governors in Yorubaland beat a tactical retreat saying their party would boycott the conference but their governments would participate. In the process of their about-turn, their worst affliction peeped: impunity.
EIther they didn’t bother to read the guidelines or they simply assumed that the perversion of guidelines which is the norm in their party is a culture for the whole country, the governors overstepped their bounds. Whereas the guidelines say that each governor should nominate three delegates, each of the APC governors nominated seven delegates with media fanfare. How did they arrive at seven? They picked their own three, picked an elder statesman each – which was the prerogative of the president – and nominated three other delegates to represent ethnic nationalities – which was the exclusive preserve of groups within each.
In plain language, the governors were out to rubbish Yoruba leadership and their institutions. I was asked by the leaders to go defend the list of delegates sent by Youruba leaders as stipulated by the guidelines at the office of the Secretary to the Federal Government. It took less than five minutes to convince the SGF who is a lawyer with evidence. I took a copy of the guidelines and asked him to check the list forwarded by Ondo state governor, it had only three names unlike the APC governors’ list which had seven each. The APC governors were thereafter asked to prune their list to the three they were each entitled to.
They thought the impunity culture would see their chicanery through .Fayemi moved to Abuja to enforce their illegality and failed. The SGF called me around 1.00 a.m. one day on the list issue. My investigation later showed that it was Fayemi that was with him. I saw him in a plane some days back without any trappings of power and I shook my head at the folly of temporary power; flexing muscles with moral force that had been and would continue to be.
The governors also used one of their allies among the elders to run ridiculous errands on their behalf to all the power brokers he knew in Abuja to no avail. Their last card was a meeting of all the APC Yoruba governors with Mr. President where they also hit the brick as their position was untenable. Rather than return home and nobly tell the people they had given fake slots the truth, they started lying that it was somebody who removed their names. I have stated the truth and I challenge their excellencies to fault my narration.

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