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Excessive sitting causes cardiovascular disease, Expert warns

A Neurologist with a private hospital in Abuja, Dr Joe Ugwu, has warned that excessive sitting could lead to cardiovascular diseases and early mortality.

Speaking during an interview with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, Ugwu said that sitting was a form of inactivity which slowed the body’s metabolism that also affects the ability to regulate blood sugar, increase blood circulation and break down fat.

“Although a slow metabolism is not hazardous to health; it only becomes a problem if one remains seated for a long period of time without any form of physical activity.

“You do not burn calories and the body begins to store up fat. This is when you give room for different kinds of diseases to also be at risk of premature death.

“A balance needs to be struck through increased physical activity.

“Those who live sedentary lifestyle where they need to be seated for a long time should try to walk around at intervals; also rather than use elevator they can use the stairs.

“This will allow them to put in some activity even while living a sedentary life and help increase their metabolism and heart rate which is necessary to maintain a healthy life,’’ he said.

Ugwu also advised that people should see exercise as a way to keep fit and healthy rather than strictly for weight loss.

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