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Ex-Plateau Governor Identifies Jonathan’s Greatest Enemies


The erstwhile governor of Plateau State during the Third Republic and one of the founding fathers of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Amb. Fidelis Tapgun, last weekend in Jos, said that PDP governors are the greatest enemy of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Amb. Tapgun said their deceit was responsible for the loss of the presidential elections and consequently, the governorship seats in most of the states.

Tapgun, who has been making headlines before and after the just concluded general election, has consistently expressed his displeasure in the way and manner the PDP leadership had been running the party, said their action would have led to the death of the party if President Jonathan had continue to listen to them whom have also imposed their preferred candidates as successors.

The Ambassador said, “PDP governors deceived Jonathan, they cost him this election and is a bitter pill and painful experience that he will live to regret for the rest of his life. In the case of Plateau State, I and some church elders in the state told the President not to allow Jonah Jang impose GNS Pwajok on the people of Plateau, but the President will not listen to us.

As you know, the APC does not have any structure in Plateau but because of the imposition, the People of Plateau protested with their votes and gave it to APC. The same thing happened in Benue and in most other PDP states.

“The governors keep assuring the President that their anointed candidates are accepted by the people, feeding him with all sorts of lies especially Governor Jang, but today, we are all vindicated and the President has seen that he was being deceived by his governors.

“Although, the President realised his mistakes few days to the election by calling Tapgun to address the issues on Plateau, but it was rather too late to influence anything on the Plateau” Amb. Tapgun reiterated.

The former governor has been in the news for his support for the APC while he still remains a member of the PDP, but when asked if he will not be hit by the hammer of the PDP, he said “the massive influence of the PDP governors within the party is an aberration to the concept of internal democracy anywhere and as an elder statesman, I cannot sit down and watch this happen without speaking out. So there is nothing my party can do about my speaking out and support for the opposition.”

Recall that the Ambassador has once said in an interview where he told the President that PDP is gradually dying in his hands and if steps were not taken to address the issues of imposition at the state levels, the party will not emerge victorious at the polls.

However, Tapgun said he has no plans to leave the party, “as one of the founding fathers, I will stay to rebuild the party, to reflect the original aims and ideology in which the party was formed and not a party that belongs to the governors”, he said.

He further stressed that the APC will learn from what happened to the PDP and watch carefully not to allow the same faith to befall them, saying that if the PDP manage to come back to power again, they will definitely stick to the principle of power rotation.

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