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Ex-Gov wants Nigerian leaders to emulate Achebe


Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has urged leaders in the country to emulate the enviable qualities of late Chinue Achebe, the literary giant, in order to move the country forward.

He made the remark, in Nsukka on Wednesday, during the biennial memorial lecture organised by Faculty of Art, University of Nigeria, Nsukka tilled: “In the Service Arts, in the Service of Culture and Nation”, to honour Achebe .

He said that it was as a result of Achebe’s honesty and patriotism that made him to reject appointments offered him as he believed leaders in the country had not done enough to eradicate poverty as millions of Nigerians were still wallowing in abject poverty.

“If leaders in the country emulate the literary giant’s sterling qualities, the country will become a great nation with good leaders. He was not selfish, rather he considered the interest of others in thecountry, especially the poor ones. Achebe rejected appointments offered him in Nigeria because he was not happy that millions of Nigerians are wallowing in abject poverty, while a few were squandering the country’s wealth”, he said.

He stated that bad leadership had been the bane of the country’s problems, as those voted into office continued to waste money meant for people and development of the country in frivolities. “Some governors in the country today claim that they have no money to pay workers’ salaries, but they live in affluence, Obi observed.

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