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Ex-council boss gives government blue-print for economic development

Former Sole Administrator of Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area in Lagos State and a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Tunji Ilelaboye, has urged the Federal Government, state and local governments to create labour offices in their area where a pool of company’s work force can be drawn so as to combat the unemployment ravaging the country.

According to him, such development will further enhance the economy and take restive youths away from the streets as well as lessen the burden of over-dependence on parents by unemployed youths if followed to the letter.

“In the past it worked wonders, and in other climes it is still in vogue, so we can still do it here,” he intoned.

Ilelaboye said this in Lagos during a programme on: ‘Another Look at Government, job creation and Revenue Generation’. It was organised by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the area.

His words: “We can still establish labour office like before for job creation and revenue generation. We used to have it in those days.

We can revert to the old system if truly we want to fight unemployment in this country. We can create it in the local government areas across the nation where companies can draw a pool of their work force having met some requirements set out by the government.

This is the proposal I will be submitting to the new Lagos State governor for consideration after next year’s elections,” he disclosed.

According to him, 1000 people can be recruited and the streets will be free rather than someone packing and amassing billions, trillions of naira for selfish purpose.

For example, Lagos State going by the calculation will have 57,000 standing work force generating revenue for the government outside the usual ones. This is an area government must look into,” he disclosed.

The labour office is there if you need workers for private, public or semi-public companies. What companies need do is to register with government and request for the number of workers they needed having fulfilled the requirements lay down by the government.

“Imaging 1000 youths in labour office in 774 councils across the country, about 774,000 jobs must have been created through that system.

It will combat unemployment, increase government revenue and lessen the dependency of people on their parents,” he added.

To make it work, he said each local government will have a committee representing them and members must reside in the council so that if you default in any way, you can easily be located.

He added that membership will consist chairman, secretary and three others who will be allowed to seat once a week and will be paid sitting allowance.

The councils will provide the administrative support and they will be autonomous, but their submission will be to the chairman of the council, who will be their overall boss.

“The only fear people may nurse is that of duplication, but that can be taken care of with the introduction of BVN.

“This is an area government at all levels should be looking at in order to re-position the economy and enhance the well-being of our people.”

According to him, there will be checks and balances to checkmate double-dealing as anybody caught will be prosecuted.

“The programme is for the unemployed people and when you get full time job you should disclose it so that your name can be deleted from the pay roll.

This is a new idea I am proposing to the Lagos State government especially ahead of 2019 administrative year. We need to do something fast to arrest the ugly situation,” he submitted.

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