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Essential Grooming Tools for the Discerning Man

Hold about the importance of ap­pearance, you need a collection of tools to ensure that you are look­ing your best. Caring for your ap­pearance doesn’t make you femi­nine, it just means that you care about the kind of impression you give out, especially if you want it good. For this reason, your vanity cabinet should contain the basic necessities for hygiene and health, with each serving its own distinct purpose.

The nail clipper

You do not want women snig­gering at your chipped or jagged nails so use nail clippers not only for your finger nails, but for your toe nails as well to keep them looking neat. Every pair of clippers also has a nifty tool from under its enclosure which serves both as a file and an under the nail scraper. They are put there for a reason use them to file your nails to keep them smooth after a fresh cut and assist in removing any dirt.

The nail brush

Want your hands to look young­er, more professional and present­able? Then invest in a nail brush. It is another necessity that is often overlooked. Get a cheap one for the shower and incorporate it into your bathroom routine, or get a wooden one with lasting bristles to use before you go out.

The tweezer

Regardless of what some may say, a uni-brow (hair right above the eye and on the forehead) does not signify masculinity or a care­free personality. It’s dirty and it’s all people can see when they try to look at your eyes. So do yourself a favor and groom your eyebrows using the tweezer. Get a good pair that will do the job effectively.

The nose hair trimmer

Nose hairs are natural but shouldn’t be seen unless you look. So look, and look often. Any pro­truding from the nose should be taken care of immediately. It also comes handy for plucking hair sticking visibly out of your ears. You can either get the electric or the manual one depending on how well you are able to maneuver with it.

The razor

The use of a razor is histori­cal but still has a great purpose. There are several areas though that many tend to miss when they shave; right below the nose, the wisps above the lip, on the sides of the lip, on the Adams apple and on the sides of the neck. Not usu­ally detected by people but in the reflection of light you will see how unclean this looks. No matter what your facial hair style is, these areas need to be maintained with the use of a razor.

The facial hair groomer

Facial hair needs to be groomed daily regardless of what your fa­cial style is because facial hair grows quick. To keep it looking even with no strays poking out, get a good pair of scissors or the electric version. Just as you would shave, every morning, trim, buzz, or taper your facial hair including side burns if you have one. Don’t also ignore the back of your neck. Always use the groomer to bring down the stubble of hair on your neck at least once a week.

The body hair groomer

Many don’t find the idea of trim­ming chest hair, arm hair, leg hair, or foot hair appealing. But you could at least trim the hair around your genitals. Once it seems like a lot of hair to you, it is probably time to trim it down. Having said that, whatever suits you, makes you confident, and goes with your style is how you should proceed on this front.

A brush and a comb

Even if your mane isn’t your crowning glory, you’ll still need these two tools to maintain it and keep it well groomed. A small or wide tooth comb is all that is need­ed depending on the volume of your hair. You can also invest in a soft, natural-bristle brush. They’re gentle but still perform some scalp massage without much risk of yanking valuable hairs out in the process. They’re also very effec­tive at lubricating your hair with the natural oils from your scalp.

Keeping it clean

For all these items, make sure you properly clean them with rub­bing alcohol or soap and water, both before and after use. This will help the lifespan of the tool as well as ensuring it does it’s intended job; preventing jagged edges, cuts, discomfort, or unwanted blemishes.

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