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Enugu massacre and hypocrisy of northern governors

Still in a mourning mood over the mindless massacre at Enugu by suspected Fulani herdsmen, the nation’s heavy heart was further daggered by what can best be described as the petulance of an arrogant set of governors from the northern part of the country who take pleasure in talking down on the other parts of the country.

Following the Ukpabi Nimbo incident, there was a general outpour of rage by all well-meaning Nigerians who thought, and rightly so too, that President, Muhammadu Buhari, has not done enough to rein in the Fulani herdsmen. Nigerians had thought the Agatu attack was the height of the continued attack by the herdsmen; they had thought Buhari would say something to, placate the grieving community, but no word came from him. The worst was that those responsible for the heinous crime had a meeting with Nigeria’s chief police officer where they confessed to their crime, yet, were let go, strangely.

Also, Nigerians could not understand why Buhari gave marching orders to service chiefs to deal with pipeline vandals in the South South but gave no such stern orders against the Fulani herdsmen until the public outrage that followed the Enugu massacre. Rightly or wrongly, a lot of Nigerians think the Fulani herdsmen are enjoying tacit support from the powers that be to carry on their dastardly acts unchecked. This thought stems from Buhari’s actions and statements in the past where he had acted in support of the Fulani herdsmen who are also his kinsmen.

For example in October 2000, Buhari had travelled from Katsina State leading a  delegation of five men to the then governor of Oyo State, Lam Adeshina, to strongly protest the reprisal attack carried on Fulani herdsmen by the Saki people of the state after the herdsmen had repeatedly attacked people of the area. The presence of Buhari and his delegation was said to have raised palpable tension in the state that they even refused to acknowledge pleasantries from government officials and left in anger. This was understandable as the governor, Lam Adeshina, was said to have properly addressed them and put them in their rightful place by warning them to stop parading around causing disunity where there was none!

With this in mind, Nigerians might not be wrong to have accused the president of not acting against the herdsmen because of some ethnic and religious affinity.

So, when the 19 northern state governors issued a statement after their meeting berating Nigerians for blaming Buhari and the Fulani herdsmen for the atrocities, it came to many as a shock. Question is, who else do these governors want Nigerians to blame? Buhari is the Commander-in-Chief; he swore to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. When he fails to do this repeatedly, the citizens would have no one else to blame but him.

It is quite hypocritical that these same governors had found it expedient to blame former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for the Chibok crisis because he was the Commander-in-Chief but would not want Nigerians to blame Buhari for similar crises.

Apart from this, they went ahead to warn Nigerians not to classify the perpetrators of this evil act as Fulani as if the perpetrators were Yoruba or Igbo or Tiv. The fact is that these are herdsmen of Fulani extraction; their attack is ethnic in nature and their aim is to occupy conquered territories, subjugate host communities and install an emirate just like they once did at Ilorin. The situation is so dire that there is no room for window dressing. If the northern governors do not like the fact that Buhari is being rightly blamed for the nearly irredeemable security lapses currently ravaging our country, they should prod him to do more and advise their atrocious kinsmen who are bringing bad publicity to their region to behave or be dealt with.

The era of browbeating other sections of the country into submission is over! There is a new reality on ground now. There is a new generation of stubborn Nigerians who are ready to fight to keep the sanctity of their people’s God-given dignity than allow any person or group of persons to rob them of their humanity. There is a new generation of southerners and middle belters who are more united now more than ever to challenge the looming pogrom planned by a common enemy.

There is a new generation of Igbo who do not care anymore about the civil war, and are ready to defend their lives and property if called out again. If the government of Buhari  will not protect them, they are prepared to stand the enemy face to face. The consequences of allowing this crisis to degenerate will be too much for both this government and the country to bear.

For the avoidance of doubt, the threats by the northern state governors are nothing but the wailing of a duck. If they do not have anything soothing to say to those who are grieving as a result of the terror they should just keep quiet!

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