Drunk and Suicidal Nick Gordon Before Rehab


These disturbing photos were taken barely 12 hours before a dramatic intervention by Dr Phil McGraw. It shows Bobbi Christina’s boyfriend,  Nick Gordon falling down drunk and being helped to his feet in his hotel, the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Nick believed he was to be interviewed by Dr Phil the following day. He has now admitted to taking heroin, Xanax and drinking heavily since Bobby Kristina, was found face-down and unresponsive in her bath-tub on 31 January. According to him; he had wanted to tell his story publicly because he felt he was being ‘vilified’ and depicted as a ‘monster

Gordon’s mother, Michelle, was by her son’s side as he alternated between compliant and aggressive – at one point threatening to attack camera men as they filmed.

She described her son as ‘at breaking point.’

She said: ‘He cannot take too much more of not being able to see Kriss. He blames himself. He’s torn up and carrying guilt.

‘He’s dealing with it by drinking. I’ve begged him to stop. I’ve tried to help him but he can’t let go of the guilt.’

Leaning towards Gordon’s mother, Dr Phil said: ‘You and I have one mission with one possible outcome and that’s for him to agree to go to rehab to deal with his depression, his guilt…and to get clean and sober.’

He added: ‘His life absolutely hangs in the balance.’

There are still unanswered questions to what happened in the early hours of January 31st that led to Bobbi Kristina, 22, ending up face down in her tub. its almost 6 weeks since the incident happen but no improvement has been reported.

Nick Gordon

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