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Emergency hospital berths in Abia


….as proprietor offers panacea for good medical practice
A new brand of hospital services, yesterday, stepped into Umuahia to offer immediate treatment to victims of accident and other urgent medical attention.

This brand of medical services is called emergency hospital services to be offered by its proprietor, an expert in emergency medical service and general practitioner, Dr. A. K. Nwoke.

Speaking in Umuahia while commissioning the ultra-modern hospital that is far equipped more than other hospitals in Umuahia, Dr. Nwoke said what he has in stock with his partner, Dr. Nnabugwu Iromuanya, a pediatrician, for Abians include all aspects of emergency medicine which as at now is not available in the country.

He made a promise of offering to Abians and Nigerians in general “quality medical practice”, pointing out that the service at a pioneer hospital in Umuahia “is very disappointing and my experience, very shameful.

Public healthcare centres, he said, is unlike private health care centres, pointing out that his eight years revitalisation of the Amachara Methodist Hospital two years after his qualification as a medical doctor prompted his idea of establishing the hospital as a way of contributing to the health care of Abians by bringing in the hospital of standard.

The specialist, who later left the shores of the country tom practice in the United Kingdom before returning to establish his hospital in Umuahia said: “with apologies to the doctors in the public health sector, there are some good doctors there, but quality of medical practice in this country is low and if I am to grade them, they will not go above five out of ten.

On how the system can be rejuvenated, Dr. Nwoke said it must start with the government who must pay good attention to the medical professionals, both doctors and non-doctors.

He said: “Government should endeavour to pay them at the end of the month. Don’t owe them. This is because medical practice requires full attention of the mind, as a doctor cannot be thinking about a patient with a complex case waiting for you in the hospital and waiting for you to solve his or her problem, while you are thinking of the fact that your children may not have a one-quality meal a day.

Again, much as we blame most of the practitioners that leave their duty post and turn their back on the patients, I know that the cause for that is because of the government not in acting positions that would at the end of the month enable the institutions to pay its workers.

Those who carry on the activities of the hospitals should be paid on time; Doctors, Nurses and non-medical personnel who make the job move on smoothly.

So the way forward is that government should ensure it plays its role by providing the resources with which the workers, medical and non-medicals should be paid at the end of the month.

He explained that an emergency physician is one who can attend to emergency cases like accident, gunshot, and other emergencies on the road, in the house and anywhere else and where immediate attention is given to the victim.

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