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Ekiti HOA calls Mrs Olujimi’s interview in Saturday’s tribune, “the ranting of a frustrated betrayer caught in the game”

The Ekiti State House of Assembly has described the interview granted in Saturday Tribune by Senator Abiodun Olujimi, as the ranting of a frustrated betrayer caught pants down in her game.

In a release signed on Saturday in Ado Ekiti, The Chairman, House Committee on Information, Dr Samuel Omotoso said, the watery interview, lacking in substance where the frustrated Senator call the EKHA, stupid and promise to rescue Ekiti PDP from wicked souls, can only be a continuation of the symptoms of cerebral malaria affecting her in the last few days

The Chairman said, it’s only this dangerous condition that is capable of creating both visual and auditory hallucinations in Mrs Olujimi, that is manifesting recently in her behaviour, conducts and gutter languages unbecoming of someone who became a Senator by error.

Dr Omotoso stated that, the consistently consistent disloyal behaviour of Senator Olujimi knows no bounds as seen in her behavioural history smacking of perfidiousness.

These vacillatory behaviours were displayed during the first tenure of Governor Ayo Fayose as a deputy governor, sponsoring the illegal impeachement, her contact with Engr Segun Oni of PDP then, as a commissioner, where she was one of those who sold out the judgement to APC, with President Goodluck Jonathan, where she negotiated the women for GEJ with the opposition and now again with Governor Fayose, as a Markafi Senator by day and a Sheriff Senator by night.

One would have Expected that at above 60 years of age, Senator Olujimi should be willing to rewrite her political history for posterity, histories full of tales of woes, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Dr Omotoso described Mrs Olujimi’s recent attempts at removing Governor Fayose by midnight actions and claims on social media that she is in total control of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, as a political coup that has backfired with serious political complications.

The EKHA of today is unlike her 2006 patners of old, who sold their birthright to Mrs Olujimi for a pot of porridge and unholy predatory behaviour.

She is advised to note that the Ekiti State House of Assembly of today is full of tested and trusted new breeds, who are not cheap but on top of issues and positively predictable.

Dr Omotoso further stated that it’s high time Mrs Olujimi called our Leader Governor Ayo Fayose, a wicked soul, having benefitted and drawn all her political successes, as former(s) SSA, House of Rep member, deputy governor and now a Senator and deputy Minority leader, all from the same political fountain and fortress created by Governor Fayose.

The Spokesman of the EKHA also counseled the unbalanced and estranged senator to seek the face of God and ask for forgiveness of her congenital sins, so that generations unborn will not meet her robe, permanently sown as a garment of perfidy.

He said that the treachery of Mrs Olujimi has reached her wit end politically and asked all loyal members of our great party, PDP to do everything legally and politically possible to send disloyal members to retirement.

The Continuity must be sustained so that the dividends of democracy can permeates to several others who are yet to be touched in our communities.

Mrs Olujimi as presently constituted is an infidel and a highly contagious political lassa fever that’s capable of consuming a whole population if not confronted head long.

Dr Omotoso also used the medium to remind Mrs Olujimi that despite been a Senator, political leadership is earned over time by people with enviable morals and positive attibutes and not forced, therefore, she is incapable of being a leader of PDP in Ekiti state because she lacks the inherent qualities.

Gbenga Sodeinde, Ado Ekiti

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