Eid-el-Kabir: Atiku, Lawan, Others Seek Renewed Efforts On Nation Building

Eid-el-Kabir: Atiku, Lawan, Seek Renewed Efforts On Nation Building

As the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria join the Islamic faithful across the world on the occasion of this year’s Eid-el-Kabir, political leaders have enjoined the citizenry to reflect on the importance of the festival to renew their efforts at nation building.

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan said through total submission to the will of Allah, Nigerians can confidently confront their challenges as individuals and as a nation, assuring that Allah will intervene decisively at the most appropriate moment.

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“As people of faith, therefore, let us continue to seek the face of the Almighty in our various national wars, be they against insecurity or the COVID-19 pandemic, and as we strive to make Nigeria a comfortable home for all its citizens. “As we celebrate the feast of sacrifice with worship, I enjoin us to be mindful of the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and adhere strictly to the safety protocols prescribed by our public health authorities”, he said in a personally signed statement Thursday.

According to Lawan, the National Assembly is collaborating with the Executive in responding to the pandemic as it affects our economy and general public system. He said those in leadership positions must continue to be aware of their covenant of service with the Nigerian people.

The Senate President , “on our part as your elected representatives and lawmakers, we pledge to always respect your trust and serve your best interests.

 “In this regard, the National Assembly in the past one year, has passed many bills and resolutions and conducted many public hearings to strengthen the operations of government and enhance public service delivery.

 “We shall continue on the same path and are confident of making the desired impacts, with your understanding and invaluable support”.

On his own part, former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar called on Nigerians to promote love, mutual respect, peace and tolerance.

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 general election recalled that for the first time in living memory, Muslims in the country fasted this year without spiritual acts of worship that accompany the Holy Month of Ramadan, and had Eid celebration devoid of the mandatory congressional prayers.

He regretted that since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, life has not been the same for Nigerians as economic and social lives have been seriously disrupted. He said though the restrictions are being eased, there’s still work to be done to ensure that the nation contains the spread of this virulent disease and rebuild economic and social life post Covid-19.

The Turaki Adamawa called for continued prioritising of personal hygiene, washing of hands, using face masks, avoiding crowded places and observing social distancing.

“In the last four months or so, we have been united in our common resolve to beat this disruptor to our lives. We have drawn strength from one another. We have been guided by the dictum that no man/ woman is an island, and that a threat to one is a threat to all. Above all, love has in this season of great uncertainty, broken down the walls of divisions that seek to compromise our resolve to stand united.

“And, as Muslims in Nigeria celebrate Eid el Kabir, it is my hope that we will continue to pray for the country and work assiduously for the promotion of love, mutual respect, peace and tolerance in order to build a stronger and more united country.

“I believe that despite our diversity, we can transform our differences into strength by identifying the common interests and issues that bind us together. “Yes, we may have been born different, but religious differences shouldn’t be allowed to lead to acrimony and antagonism among fellow Nigerians.

“It is incumbent on all political leaders, too, to increase their connectivity with the ordinary people because if they (leaders) are not in touch with the conditions of the people, it might be difficult to assess the success or failure of given policies”, said Atiku.

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