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Egypt cops foil tanker bomb attack on Sinai base

Egyptian police on Tuesday foiled an attack by militants who tried to ram an explosives-laden water tanker into a security base in the Sinai Peninsula, authorities said.

Troops guarding the entrance to the base in the provincial capital al-Arish opened fire on the tanker as it approached, said General Ali al-Arazi, the security chief of North Sinai province.

The gunfire caused the tanker’s estimated 10-ton load of explosives to blow up, killing the would-be bomber and a civilian driving nearby, al-Arazi said.

About 35 policemen were injured by debris, he said. Residents reported a massive explosion that blew out the windows of their houses.

Police in the nearby village of Sheikh Zuwaid last month frustrated a similar attack with a tanker truck.

Jihadists in the remote peninsula, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip, have been engaged in an insurgency against security forces since 2012.

In January, a coordinated gun, bomb and rocket attack on security bases in al-Arish killed at least 40 members of the security forces.

Responsibility for that attack was claimed by the region’s largest jihadist force, which calls itself the Sinai Province of Islamic State after pledging its allegiance last year to the militant group that controls territory in Syria and Iraq.

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