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Educationist harps on science, mathematics subjects to produce skillful graduates

An educationist, Mrs. Edna Agusto, has advised governments in the country to strengthen the teaching and learning of science-based subjects and mathematics to produce graduates who could deploy their skills to be self-employed.
Agusto, the Chief Executive Officer of ReadManner and a Microsoft Office specialist, gave the advice at the 6th Nigeria Robotics Olympiad Qualifiers/Symposium, organised by Arclights Foundation in Lagos.
The competition, designed to test students’ knowledge in the world of robotics, is holding on the sidelines of a symposium with the theme, ‘C-STEM in Nigeria’, at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island at the weekend.
At the competition, the competitors were given materials and objects to create something and afterwards explain their work.
The competition involves bringing abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students.
They use LEGO bricks to turn numbers, words, and ideas into real models that can be touched, described, and innovated upon.
And by making the subjects tangible, they foster collaboration and encourage self-guided learning by creating enthusiasm and giving students the tools they need to overcome challenges.
She said that students with adequate knowledge of mathematics and the sciences should be proactive by creating jobs for themselves rather than wait for elusive job opportunities that were difficult to come by.
“The graduates should be able to create jobs with their sound knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM),’’ she stressed.
To realise the objective, she advocated for the strengthening of the teaching and learning of the core subjects (STEM) to make students critical thinkers, who could create jobs and improve productivity.
Agusto said that there was a need to lay a strong educational foundation for students through adequate training for science and mathematics teachers to raise well equipped students with skills to improve the nation’s economy.
She said that education based on STEM would create jobs as it was part of Robotics which helped children to be critical thinkers.
“When you can speak good English and have basic computer skills, you can do anything. So, it puts to shame the `No Job in Nigeria Syndrome’ when we empower ourselves.
“Computers have taken over jobs, so, we must learn the computer so that we can earn money and live,’’ Agusto said.
Mrs Dele Tejuosho, the Chief Executive Officer of Wifi Combact Academy, said that STEM made “children to be global, independent and problem solvers’’.
Tejuosho said that skills got from STEM and 3D should be embraced as it helped the children to have virtual reality of things taught.
She advised schools to have workshops that would expose children to such activities as it enhanced the learning outcome among them.
An education Consultant on Robotics, Mrs RemiWilloughby, said that STEM was a movement to develop deep mathematical and scientific foundation in students.
Willoughby said that robotics should be in line with the curriculum in schools because it allowed the students to apply knowledge got.
She said that we needed to have a future that was secured for the children and as such government at all levels should make implementable policies that could be monitored.
The consultant said that teachers should be well trained and education made free with the public schools provided basic amenities.
“Nigeria is not a poor country, there is hope for Nigeria; for Nigeria to rise again we need to take our children with us.
“Parents own their children’s time and have to go through what they have learnt to make sure their children have solid foundation.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the event was the sixth edition of the qualifiers for the World Robotics Olympiad in November in India.
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