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Edo North 2019: I will retire Momoh from politics -Sen. Alimikhena

The Senate Deputy Whip, Senator Francis Alimikhena who represents Edo North District on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the 2019 candidate of the party for the district, has vowed to retire Hon. Abubakar Momoh, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senatorial candidate from politics in the 2019 Edo North Senatorial election.

According to him, the people of Etsako community and Afemai land are tired of politicians who has never voted for others, but always seeking the vote of the people.

“Since the inception of Democracy in 1999 till date, Hon. Momoh has constantly sought for elective positions without him voting for others.”

The Deputy Whip of the Senate who was recently accused by Hon Momoh of non performance has expressed confidence that an end has come for Momoh’s political career, “We made Momoh whatever he is today and we are ready to unmask him and retire him from active politics. We cannot continue to give political consideration to people who cannot make gains with the trust of the people”

A Press Statement signed by the Personal Assistant, Media and Publicity to the Deputy Whip of Senate Mr. Benjamin Atu said the allegation by Hon Momoh is a public disgrace and a display of ignorance of happenings in his environment.

“He lacks knowledge of the senatorial district he is struggling to represent. If Hon Momoh was on ground in Edo North he would have realised that Senator Alimikhena is the best Senator Edo North has ever produced.”

According to the statement, Senator Francis Alimikhena ascended his height on the ladder of trust reposed in him through his service which connected him to his people without being involved in political activities.

It was this trust earned by Senator Francis Alimikhena that earned the trust of the masses of Edo North.

He has taken the trust of the people as a deposit and has therefore made conscious efforts to make gains with the deposit of trust that was given to him.

The massive infrastructural development and Human capital development in Edo North is a deliberate effort by the Edo North Senator in ensuring that the wellbeing of the people is paramount for him.

“Alimikhena has inspired more trust of the Edo North masses by his action. Hon Momoh is on the wrong side of history and the people of Etsako are looking forward to the electoral year when Hon Abubakar Momoh will queue as a Nigerian to vote for others rather than always seeking for people to vote for him.”

He maintained that legislating is a serious business and Senator Alimikhena has all it takes to make landmark legislation for the development of Edo North.

“Legislators make landmark legislation and critical intervention to advance and promote social economic wellbeing of their people. A legislator has the duty to bring the attention of parliament to the needs and problem of his people.

“It is only when challenges of the people are brought to the floor of the parliament that the parliament will use the mechanism of resolution to express the will of parliament in favour of the people.

Senator Alimikhena is not strange in the legislative business. He went in 2015 and came back home with practical result of effective representation. It is too late to doubt in the dark what we already known in the light.”

According to him, “There is no leadership vacuum in Edo North for Hon. Momoh to occupy.

It is a slap to the people of Edo North for Momoh to imagine himself as a political leader in the next dispensation after he has brought reproach to the people of Etsako through his pocket politics of self enrichment and victimisation of Afemai sons and daughters while in public office.

“Leadership is not for children and Edo North do not have vacuum for selfish politicians. Political leadership is not a title; therefore it cannot be bestowed on people.

It is earned through dedicated commitment to the service of humanity and Momoh have not the leadership quality as a politician due to his pursuit for personal interest and gains.”

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