Edo 2020: Priestesses lay curse on Obaseki’s enemies

Edo 2020: Priestesses lay curse on Obaseki’s enemies

Daily Times gathered that some priestesses on Friday morning invaded the Edo State House of Assembly to lay curses on those who have turned the state upside down and subverted the wishes of the people.

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Speaking on behalf of the priestesses, Princess lnibokun lmasemwenbor stated that they were upset with the upheaval in the state, hence their surprise visit.

Imasemwenbor stated, “I was at home when I saw on television the crisis at the Edo Assembly. I heard some of the things said that some people from other ethnic groups are trying to turn Benin upside down. We Benin people don’t like what they are doing.

“APC is oppressing Obaseki, that is mere oppression, they want to oppress our Obaseki.
“Why I am interested in the matter is that we did not have access road to my community before Obaseki became Governor. We used to spend so much to come to Benin. But now, we can travel in and out of our community with ease, no more erosion.

“For that reason, I must support Obaseki for a second term. Whoever says he will turn the state upside down to rig the election, let the heads of our ancestors torment them.

“Obaseki is a peace maker, he gave us amenities of life and for that reason, I have to back him up with my strength.”
Princess lmasemwenbor assured that Obaseki will be re-elected Governor again for another four years.

“Nobody will grab it from him and whoever says he will turn the state upside down to subvert the wishes of the people, help us tell such people that the head of our ancestors will torment them, all the deities of Benin kingdom should torment them,” she warned.

Meanwhile, she revealed that she inherited her symbol of authority as juju priestess from her grandfather and whatever she pronounced on anyone will be so.

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