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ECOWAS parliament urges member states to scale up economic development


Members of the ECOWAS parliament have called on member states to enhance efforts in addressing recurring issues that have stalled economic development in the sub-region.

Members made the call while deliberating on issues focused on in the country reports presented by member states at the parliament’s ongoing 2016 first ordinary session in Abuja on Friday.

Representatives of the 15-member states had in the course of three days presented their country reports which focused on major achievements and challenges.

The Third Deputy Speaker, ECOWAS Parliament, Mr Sulaimon Lasun, said that member states experienced common challenges to economic development that needed to be addressed.

“There are so many issues that have recurred in the country reports presented; economic development is the major issue.

“For a country to develop, it must have proper education; it is through education that we have knowledge and skills.

“We are appreciative of the fact that we must have sound education and our people must have a means of expressing themselves.

“And in the process they acquire skills that can be used in the wider spectrum of the economy because the 21st century is at a stage where it has become knowledge based economy, if you do not have the knowledge the economy cannot develop.

“We know that we must fight corruption and we know that insecurity must be a thing of the past.

“We do not have a perfect society but we must address the issue of insecurity and in an environment where there is no peace we are not likely to achieve much,” he said.


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