Ebonyi residents call for FG’s intervention on ‘deadly’ Ezzagu - Isu federal road

Ebonyi residents call for FG’s intervention on ‘deadly’ Ezzagu – Isu federal road

Ebonyi residents call for FG’s intervention on ‘deadly’ Ezzagu - Isu federal road

Ebonyi residents have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene on the deplorable state of of Ezzagu Roads in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

The residents who made this known in an interview with Daily Times on Sunday, September 20, decried the deplorable Federal road that traversed their community from Ihuokpara-Amagunze, Enugu State to Ezzagu-Isu, Ebonyi State and the Ezillo – Azuinyaba – Onunweke-Ezzagu Road.

Speaking to one of the residents, Godwin Ezeaka, he said that the road has been in deplorable condition for decades, as it was last constructed in 1979 by the administration of Sen Jim Nwobodo.

He described the road as deadly as many lives have been lost as a result of the road.

According to Ezeaka, the Federal Government started the rehabilitation of the 41-kilometre Ozalla-Akpugo-Amagunze-Ihuokpara-Nkomoro Ebonyi road in October, 2017.

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‘’The reactivated road was awarded as a full project under the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

‘’The project, which was awarded in 2010, was stopped because of poor funding but was re-awarded by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

‘’Three years down the line, the federal road seems to have been abandoned, despite the fact that the Federal Government made funds available to continue this project and the assurance of timely delivery of the project by the Managing Director of Arab Contractors the firm handling the project, Mohammed El-Eldaros.

However, Arab Contractors failed to deliver within the scheduled time,’’ he added.

Ezeaka, describing how the people have suffered because of the road, said, ‘the deplorable conditions of Ezzagu Roads (Enugu – Amagunze – Ebonyi Ezzagu & Ishielu Ezillo – Azuinyaba – Onunweke-Ezzagu) cause me sleepless nights because of the untold hardship to commuters and Residents.

‘’The sorry state of the roads is horrible, terrible and embarrassing to Ezzagu people as they are presently living in debased and inhuman conditions.

‘’A drive to Ezzagu forces a Visitor to ask why the people naturally blessed by God in all ramifications are condemned to suffer perpetually from lack of virtually all Social Amenities and Infrastructural facilities.

“We are calling on Ebonyi State Governor to please come to our aid because our roads are so bad. The Federal road from Ozalla – Agbani that passed through Akpugo, Amagunze and Ebonyi Ezzagu is so bad that if nothing is done urgently, we would remain cut off completely from the rest of the world.

“The Ebonyi state Government should do something immediately about the Ezillo – Azuinyaba – Ezzagu road leading to the headquarters of Inyaba and Inyaba North Development Centres as well as the famous Marist Comprehensive College Onunweke, Ezzagu; Ishielu LGA Ebonyi State.

 “Ezzagu is an agrarian community and our people are finding it difficult to transport our agricultural produce to other areas because others are cut off from Afo Ezzagu Regional Market. We produce food and cash crops such as palm fruits, rice, cassava and yam in large quantity. Our major problem is that we don’t have good roads. Our students are cut off from schools, our sick ones and pregnant women are cut off from health facilities. We don’t bury our departed ones during rainy season.

“We are cut off completely during the rainy season and we suffer dust during dry season. This has been causing so many health challenges in the area.’’

The residents further called on FG and the Ebonyi state government to provide other social amenities such as electricity, functional health centres, telecommunication Services, potable water and standard markets.

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