Ebola: NMA urge JOHESU to end strike

Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), has call on the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) to end the ongoing strike and join hands with doctors to prevent Ebola from gaining access into the country.

NMA also said the demand for salary parity with doctors as demanded by JOHESU is unfortunate and unrealistic.

Chairman of NMA in Plateau State, Dr. Dajel Bulus stated this on Monday, while addressing journalists in Jos.

He said, “of particular concern is the demand for salary parity with doctors, technically called ‘CONHESS adjustment’, this is not only unfortunate and strange, but unrealistic, untenable and unacceptable to the Nigerian doctor.

“Relatively in salary between health care workers is not populiar to Nigeria but a practice obtainable all over the world: JOHESU’s clamour for erosion of this is not acceptable and will be resisted by well-meaning medical practitioners in Nigeria”.

“The Nigeria Medical Association, Plateau State wish to categorically state that no doctor practicing in Plateau State is on strike: Doctors working in our various health institutions are currently working and providing essential lifesaving service to patients including JOHESU members who need medical help.

“The general public is therefore advised to access these services from our hardworking doctors who are working against all odds to save lives instead of patronising quacks and substandard care from the streets”, Bulus said.

Speaking on the involvement of the state and local government workers in the ongoing JOHESU strike, Bulus said, “Its unfortunate and disheartening.

“We wish to advise that health workers in Plateau State suspend their involvement in the ongoing strike.”

According to him, “This is to reciprocate the good will of the Governor of the State who has strived against all financial challenges to implement one of the best salary structures for them without any threat of strike.

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