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Easy makeup tips that will make you look more attractive

By: Mutiat Alli

The art of makeup is a delicate process that can be flattering or end completely chaotic. Here is a list of quick tips when you want to brighten your everyday look.

Make your eyes bigger

So many women absolutely love the eyeliner. It adds just a touch of drama and dimension to your everyday look, but sometimes the black line can make your eyes look a lot smaller or tired. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, try getting a white eyeliner pencil and putting the colour on your waterline. That tiny hint of white/nude can make your eyes look more awake. It makes a huge difference.

Use a beauty blender

Do you have a hard time flawlessly blending your foundation? Does your foundation often look cakey? Have you seen all of those oddly shaped spongy things everyone seems to rave about? Well, these beauty blenders really do work as well as advertised. Beauty blender sponges are a makeup artist’s best friend. It blends the foundation on your face evenly and flawlessly. Its odd shape allows it to be used to apply blush and small amounts of concealer as well.

Apply foundation in natural light

Natural light from the sun will show you how well your foundation matches your true skin tone and how well it is blended. Be sure to match your foundation with your face and your neck to avoid awkward lines.

Apply toner before or after makeup

If you spray on toner before you put your makeup on, it can tighten your pores and keep it in place. If you spray toner on your face when it is already covered with makeup, it can dry any oily-looking makeup and rejuvenate your face throughout the day

Use a face primer

Use primer just like you would if you were painting a wall. Face primer preps your face for all the foundation, blush and powder that will cover it. Primer keeps the foundation in place and fills in the deep lines in your face, creating a smooth finish.

Use a colour under lower lash line

If you want to make your eyes pop, try adding just a small hint of eyeshadow color under your lower lash line. Choose an eyeshadow that accents your natural eye color for a new look that makes your eyes pop.

Get rid of bags under your eye

By the end of the work week, your eyes are completely exhausted. To erase those dark circles plaguing your face, dab a bit of light coloured concealer under our eyes in the shape of an upside down triangle and blend with a small brush. You can do this in top of your existing makeup to brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake.

Natural brows are better than fake brows

Brows, brows, brows. Some people say that brows are what make or break a makeup look. Filling in your eyebrows can enhance your face and give it more dimensions, but careful of going overboard on your eyebrows. Try outlining the brow with the smallest tip of the brow pencil and then practice filling individual hairs. It is better to have done too little than too much to your brows. Go for a natural look.

Less is more

In all reality, less is more when it comes to makeup. Don’t overdo it; let your true self shine through the entire product. Makeup isn’t supposed to cover your natural face; it is supposed to enhance your features.

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