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Easter: Nigerians Urged to Emulate Christ

As Christians all over the world celebrate Easter, a Sokoto-based Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Stephen Okafor, has called on Nigerian leaders, as well as the led, to imbibe the sacrificial lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

Okafor, who spoke to DailyTimes during the Easter celebration, at the Holy Family Catholic Church, Ahmadu Bello Way, Sokoto, said the coming of Jesus Christ into this world showed the condensation of God in a human form.

He explained that God came and died for human beings, going through the pains and agony of the Cross till he get to Golgotha, there he  surrendered his life for the sake of humanity.

He said: “To humanity in general, irrespective of your religion, sacrifice is necessary and paramount for progress and harmonious living.

“Husbands make sacrifice for their wives, parents to their children, even children make sacrifice for the entire family likewise the society.If we don’t make sacrifices, nothing will workout fine in the society.”

The priest, who said at this critical time in Nigeria, God had worked through President Goodluck Jonathan, to show Nigerians the example of sacrifice.

He described Jonathan’s acceptance of defeat as a big sacrifice, stressing that accepting defeat was not an easy task, but for the sake of Nigeria, for the sake of the blood of Nigerians, so that blood will not be shed, he accepted defeat

“Jonathan has already set an example of sacrifice for Nigerians here not from Jerusalem, and all Nigerians politicians and the people, as a whole, should emulate that uncommon gesture by Jonathan.

He urged Nigerians to learn how to accommodate one another, stressing that, by so doing, we would all live happily with one another with less acrimony.


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